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The Glory of the Garden-------Feet up ,take ten,relax---KOTC

.........................................The Glory Of the Garden

Our England is a garden that is full of stately views,

Of borders,beds and shrubberies and lawns and avenues,

With statues on the terraces and peacoks strutting by;

But the Glory of the Garden lies in more than meets the eye.

For where theold thick laurels grow,along the t5hin red wall,

You'll find the tool and potting-sheds which are the heart of all

The cold frames and the hot-houses,the dung-pits and the tanks,

The rollers,carts,and drain-pipes,with the barrows and the planks.

And there you'll see the gardeners,the men and 'prentice boys

Told off to do as they are bid and do it without noise;

For,except when seeds are planted and we shout to scare the birds,

The glory of the Garden it abideth not in words.

And some can pot begonias and some can bud a rose,

And some are hardly fit to trust with anything that grows;

But they can roll and trim the lawns and sift the sand and loam,

For the Glory of the Garden occupieth all who come.

Our England is a garden,and such gardens are not made

By singing:- ''Oh,how beautiful'' and sitting in the shade

While better men than we go out and start their working lives

At grubbing weeds from gravel-paths with broken dinner-knives.

There's not a pair of legs so thin,there's not a head so thick,

There's not a hand so weak and white,nor yet a heart so sick

But it can find some needful job that's crying to be done,

For the Glory of the Garden glorifieth everyone.

Then seek you job with thankfulness and work till further ordes,

If it's only netting strawberries or killing slugs on borders;

And when your back stops aching and your hands begin to harden,

Oh Adam was a gardener,and God who made him sees

That half a proper gardeners work is done upon his knees,

So when you work is finished,you can wash your hands and pray

For the Glory of the Garden that it may not pass away!

And that the Glory of the Garden it shall never pass away !


What are your thoughts /memories of gardening?



When your work is finished,you can wash your hands and pray ''I won't be late for Breathe Easy today''

Would you like to join your local Breathe Easy group and/or the BLF?

Phone the friendly BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 for details

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Arghhhh double digging ... hated that job, but needs must to keep the veggy plot in tip top shape ;)

Sandra x x x


There sandra was a digging her hole,hole in the ground !


Lovely poem - and the author?

I don't do gardening any more, perhaps the lack of a garden is the main reason. I can manage a few tubs though as long as I get help with the watering can. :) xx


Not known .I will see if I can find out.


Cheers, would be interested :) x


I have read and enjoyed that with lots enjoyment, King. I have also passed it to lots of people. Really, really good. I used to love gardening, nothing special but just enjoy weeding and sorting out. We have a small rockery in front. Tried to sort that with the help of a long handled fork and my rollator to sit on. Found myself sitting on the rollator talking to a neighbour. BUT my handsome gardener is coming tomorrow to have a proper tidy up. Yes, he is young enough to be my son!!!


Behave! No planting ideas in his mind.


My memories are all happy ones now I no longer do it myself LOL, I am however always on hand to supervise, I,m really good at that LOL


Ps Lovely poem King



I have a lot of memories from my Dad's garden


memories of clearing a massive expanse of weed and shrubs to make a football pitch for the kids in Rochford Essex - and clearing dangerous weeds from the paddocks in a village I lived as a teenager, felt like a never ending job at times, which we all helped each other out with so also lots of laughs.

lovely poem.

anna xx


I bet the kids loved you all


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