Differant dog ?

The other half took our woody,my dog,for a walk earlier,he is frightened of his own shadow,he came back on his own,followed closely by the missus.followed closely by a Yorkshire terrier !!!! She said he just came running over,woody,our dog ran home scared and the yorkie followed,sent her back out looking for the owner,who was pulling her hair out looking for her pooch .... Well I thought it was funny :)

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I had a dog like that, Jambo. Called him Spook - he too was scared of everything. Such a shame for your poor wee pooch though, those yorkies can be mighty mean! LOL :)

Sandra x x x

I know,where's Spike when needed lol :)

At this very moment he is scoffin' his tea. Lettuce, cucumber, carrot and dandelion leaves. Tried him on red meat once but he caused havoc at the butchers.


I had a yorkie who was terrified of everything, he was so stupid that although his real name was Duffy he used to answer to the name stupid as well It took us a while to realise he was playing up to the stupid image as he got more attention that way It turns out maybe not so daft after all He was an amazing dog though loved him to bits.


As my old gran would say.... playing stupid the right way .... LOL :)

Sandra x x x

I have one of those dogs that would follow you home just to annoy us. Stubborn little madam is our chocolate lab! :)

Oh bless him and yep I would have laughed too - when Kevin flies in like a cat possessed I laugh my socks off (sorry Julie) :) xx

My dogs frightened of everything,the only time his tail wags is when we get home or we go round the lake here and he sees the ducks.even next doors cats laugh at him,they seem to know he won't do anything.its even hard to get him out when it's raining in case he gets his feet wet. Lol

Callie understands this problem about rain... hates wet feet - she feels Woody's pain :)

Sandra x x x

I gained a cat once, it just followed me and the kids home for about half a mile. We tried to shoo it away but It just walked right on in, whilst I was trying to get the buggy in, chose a spot under the radiator and hunched down, watching me. We called it Tracey. We had it for about 7 or 8 months and then one day according to the neighbors she followed two teenage girls up the road and never came back again.

At least the missus came back as well


Always a downside Richard lol :)

Brief true story.

A family member had a collie mix dog. She left her keys behind one day (having left said dog at home) and helpful neighbour via ladder got into her house and let her in.

Couldn't find dog anywhere despite calling him and eventually discovered him cowering under a table!!

Some watchdog - he never lived that one down!!


So funny lol

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