Some one in the goverment to stand up and and note,,that if you have COPD,,is that it will kill the sufferer,,there is no cure,,can only be slowed..COPD sufferers have no real quality of life,,AS THEY CANT BLOODY BREATH...


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Sorry if i have offended anyone,,rant over,,xxxxx :)

Not a problem ! Rant away dear heart, does yer good bow and then, ;)

Good to have a rant

Rant away fella I agree whole heartedly!!!!!

A curse on all Government officials :X


The Witch

They all need to try breathing through a straw for a week and carrying on as normal. They would get the picture pretty quick.

Tony. Maybe we should suggest it to someone to give it a try. Are you out there Mr Cameron? or maybe the Health minister, or the head of Atos. Surely they would like to defend their case, Not!!!!

Make that a thin straw not a McD one. Has anyone suggested to them? mmmmmmmmm perhaps I will.


Grrrrrrrrrrr! I agree! The witch's curse will sort them!

I am really unhappy with this mob who think they run the country! The problem i have is the opposition is just as poor!

If i wasn't taking so many meds i would leave the country.



That is the trouble Kevin nothing better to replace them, we (the ordinary people) can see what's wrong but they just don't get it. Oh it's good to rant, hope the witches curse works and they all turn into frogs, (no offence meant to any frogs on the site) - and by frogs I don't mean French people - OK. One has to be very careful these days.

Lib x


Rant away. Loved your reply Libbygood so funny. We are caught betwwen the devil and the deep blue sea as they say, this lot are dreadful I cannot believe the other lot could be much worse though so right Raptor they have no respect for the nhs they all use private hospitals so dont have a clue what its like for us.

Love Julie xxxxxx

LMLMD -- I may be wrong in relating to you what was said to me. A friend's daughter was sorting election votes last election. She said it was amazing how many had been deliberately spoiled and comments written across them. Quite honestly, I wouldn't know who should receive my vote. President Obama's name comes to mind but he aint British!!.

Yes I do have to agree with you I think so many people either did not vote this time or spoiled papers because people do not know who to vote for any more None of them seem to truly relate to the people any more, it used to be fairly clear cut in the past on who to vote for. I like to vote because of what the suffragettes went through to get ladies the vote but as you so say so hard to know who to vote for now

Its so sad to see all these services being cut especially health services and yet every thing is going up in price food petrol etc young people struggling to get onto the property ladder job losses and wage cuts it never seems to end now a days I felt for sillywitch so much yesterday not getting the opportunity for pulmonary rehab because of financial reasons she deserves to have it while at the same time being diagnosed with Emphysema, bless her.Yet we still seem to be sending so much tax payers money abroad still. Hope you and Brian are well

Love JULIE xxx xx xxx

I feel aggrieved about the fact that some folk in this country have so much and others so little. I dont want really to discuss this in depth. It is deeply unfair, but how could you make it different, spread the wealth around a bit. How would you do that? We have a Royal family, and while I dont mind them being around (they are a change from the depressing news)I would feel embarrassed if i was them, accepting these increases that were in the news today.

Anyway, time for my bedtime!! Watching Brian, the chemo is kicking in. I hope that i have the health to give him the help he needs. But we have our good days together. Love annieseedxx

Hi Annie, there is no such thing as equality, not even the communists got that right, but investment in manufacturing would be a start to promote products and jobs alike here in the UK.

Hope you and Brian weather through this latest round of chemo side effects.

Love & Hugs

Sandra x x x

The sick, the young and the elderly are all easy targets for politicians .... irrespective of what party they represent. The only time they are interested in us is when they want our votes ...

Sandra x x x

Hullo, Sandra, they will be getting a voting paper from me, but as mentioned by me somewhere else in this forum, unless i have enough faith in any one person, I will be spoiling it. Thinking about it, I quite like and respect our local MP. Time yet to consider -- love annieseed xx

... I think Cameron and his millionaire pals will be left GASPING THEMSELVES in about 100 weeks time when the nation votes them out of office for their inhuman and cruel policies ........

agreed there

The trouble started with UK politics in about the 80's when, what I call, professional politicians emerged, these were people who (mostly after University) for whatever motives (money, power, prestige and even possibly the hope of doing some good) entered politics by becoming political assistants etc. before going on to become MPs so have had no real grounding in 'real' life at all. Previous to that the accepted route (at least one party I have knowledge of) to becoming an MP was to be an ordinary person who had probably been active in the constituency for the party and was picked as a candidate for that constituency by that constituency and then ratified by central office. That is not to say some candidates were not wheeled in by the central office and forced more or less on constituencies, but now what have we got, a load of rich out of touch (having never been in touch) ************** expletives. And this lot are the worst - and I do think there is an alternative although not as much of an alternative as I would like. So do agree with you Vittorio and caroll the sooner this lot go the better.