saw my specialist

Hi All,

I don't get here much but just thought I would let you all know about my visit to her yesterday. firstly let me tell you that I have suffered with COPD for about 5 years ,and recently my breathing has got much worse, and I found that I was not able to do anything without getting very short of breath I told her this and she told me that they could do more for me as I had ,had all the treatment and medication that was possible. That came as a bit of a shock, so we discussed the outcome and she advised me to make my final

arrangements, like where I wanted to be,at home or in hospital, did I want recuss if it came to that, I decided against that,

she could not give me any time limit on whats left, could be soon or could go on for a while. After a few hours of feeling down, I pulled myself together,what the heck,i can't do anything about it,I can't change anything, what is going to happen , decided tonight I am going to read my book and sup a couple of double whiskeys ( I like my GROUSE,and take it day by day.I feel better for getting that off my chest.

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  • If it helps to come and talk to us, silverjohn, that is good. I feel sad that the doctor had to give you that news, but I am sure you will get plenty of support and advice. The life you have now, will become precious to you and your family. My best wishes and love to you.

    Thinking about the whiskeys. Good for you silverjohn, enjoy them. I love bourbon which i wont buy in this country - very expensive. Liked it when i used visit my sister in the States.

    Big love rom Annieseed xx

  • ANNISSEED Thanks for your kind words, got to try and be strong, my wife is disabled and frail, we have no family now, Got to keep brave face for her sake. Ok on the BOURBON not my cup of tea, I look at the super market deals and buy my GROUSE in when its on special offers.Was over States side 25years ago now,gee how time flies, was in DAYTON OH and FLEW TO FL to do the tourist thing, had great time.

  • Silverjohn, my sister lives in Maryland and is an American. She married an american army officer who is my best brother in law, Nick. I have spent many times in Maryland, with my sister, and before in Washington DC, when sister was working. Magic days. Really good having a reminesce (sp) Looking at photos, too. Really good talking to you. Best wishes from Annieseed x Think you might live near Brecon Beacons IF my memory serves me right. xx

  • Keep going with a little humour

    Your daily tonic



  • That talk comes to us all sooner rather or later. You made the same decision I did, enjoy and be positive, I met a lady in hospital with COPD who had had that talk 9 years ago! Depends on your definition of time,

    Take care Tina x

  • Tina, thanks for that, yes time...time is a thing which varies by everyone.time for me is 24 hours or day and night, I am going to make the most of both of them.

    thanks Tina XXX

  • Time is just numbers and they get those wrong very often. Carry on with the grouse and enjoy. :) If you feel down just come on here and grumble - we have broad shoulders. xx

  • Thanks for that, I will get here every day now good people here to share my MOANS with. Take care

  • You would be very welcome, silverjohn. Lots of friends here -- annieseed x

  • Hi Silverjohn, sorry to hear of your recent news, must have been a shock coming from the consultant that you need to decide on those arrangement and that there is nothing more they can do. At least keep you breathing well enough to sup the Grouse.

    As annieseed says come here any time you want to off load or chat and share. I am wishing you many many years of reasonable ok health yet and hoping you remain free of infections to help you breathe easier.

    All good wishes to you and your wife.

    BC x

  • BC, Thanks for that, it hard to move about now, but I have to keep trying,not going to just sit and look at four walls, that's not and never was my style., I can walk up my garden path as long as I have my oxy with me, enjoy my flower garden, which for first year I had to pay to have my plants planted for me. that's my biggest problem, infections, I have supply of antibiotics here so as soon as I feel my chest tightening I start taking them,over the last couple of years I have learnet the best times to start the course and it seems to work faily well for me.

    thanks for your good wishes

    take care


  • BC I have not been here for little while, they took me back to hospital again, I had relaps, but got over it again, this last ten days has been hell with such high temps, I have large fan which has not stopped working at full speed since hot period started. I have got back to having my couple of tots of GROUSE at night. ok going to try and get shrt nap in. take care. tthanks for listening

  • Sorry to hear your news silverjohn. My heart goes out to you and your wife. I hope you enjoy the Grouse and outlive ALL expectations. Cheers! Alison

  • Hi ALISON,Thanks for comment, I am looking at life in different way now, I am going to make the most of it,well as much as I can. and yes will keep trying to keep up with the FAMOUE GROUSE HAHA. TAKE CARE XXX

  • Good for you silverjohn - keep in enjoying the lovely flowers in your garden - I know mine bring me great joy. Love your positive attitude hun. Please come on here lots and know we are all here to listen and support.

    Love cx

  • Its good to be so positive, hopefully the weather will be kind this summer and you will be able to get out in your garden every day.

    Take care.


  • Sorry to hear your news, but remember, medics are only human, and nothing is set in stone. Your positive attitude will keep you with us for some time to come. Enjoy your Grouse, and keep chatting with us. ((((((Silverjohn))))) Stay as well as you can, my friend :)

    Sandra x x x

  • That is difficult news to hear - you are very brave! I am sad for you but also admire your attitude - yes enjoy life while its hear. My Gran used to say that you could as easy get run over by a bus - only the gods know when your number has been called! Enjoy your Grouse (my son bought my husband a whiskey called Shoulder Monkey or Monkey Shoulder (!) and that is very nice if you ever come across it). Take good care of yourself. With love TAD xx

  • TADAW, I WENT LOOKING FOR THE MONKEY SHOULDER and folund it on the ASDA site. a bit expensive but I will give it a try on your recogmendation, will let you know my thoughts on itt, cheers

  • thinking of you. Enjoy the flowers and the little things in life. may you have many years even if restricted ones.

  • thanks for your kind words

  • Thanks,sat out this afternoon in the sun and admired the colours of all the containers that are full of various plants. its looking a real treat now. cheers

  • hmm, would ask for more info maybe from someone else....may not be as bleak as painted .. and with no timeframe you could have many many years. hope so :) x

  • Julie... no good asking anyone else, this was second opinion and same result as first ttime, so I must get on with good sitting around gloomy,i intend to try and enjoy what I have left, but thanks for your kind thoughts xx

  • I agree with juliekkay. Famouse Grouse and flowers are two of my favourite things as well.

    Lib x

  • AH! I have a friend with same tastes,GREAT

    Thanks Libby xx

  • When I first got my diagnosis I felt like it was a death sentence but learned mostly through this site that even if it was could be years and years and anyway with or without COPD would go at sometime - as can others without it - sorry yours is so far along but Doctors have been known to be wrong, it is not a precise science, and hey with your Grouse and your flowers you seem to be feeling ok at the moment - and long may it last xx

  • Thanks for your comments, I am well aware where I stand at the moment, this last six months has seen a rapid decline in my health, but that's the way it goes, after all I am 82 next week I have had a good you say the GROUSE is a good friend but not an essential one, I just have a couple tots late at night b4 going to bed. sat out this afternoon in the sunshine in the garden and admired all the colours of the flower containers here in my small garden, it was enjoyable., thanks again for your concern, I will try to be here a long time, but, you know its up to THE GRIM REAPER when its time, cheers, take care have a good day.XX

  • Sorry hope I did not sound flippant - it is hard to know what to say, I guess until we are where you are now none of us know what it is really like nor how we will cope but so pleased you felt able to share and can still see joy in things be it whiskey or flowers and have kept some sense of humour - really wish you well. xx

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