As I think I have mentioned on here before I have got increasingly claustrophobic since my emphysema showed up. The problem I have here is that is wifey's 50th on Friday and she wants to go out somewhere to celebrate it. Now, if I am in a busy pub I feel the walls closing in on me and I get panicky. Wifey thinks I am just putting it on 'cos I don't want to go out but that isn't true.

Has anyone got any ideas what I can do for her birthday that won't put me in a dodgy situation?


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  • Why don't you find a nice restaurant that has an adjoining cocktail bar? They usually are a lot quieter than a pub.... pricier, but at least you'd feel more comfortable. :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Sounds ike a plan.

    Bobby xxxx

  • You could always cook her a nice meal at home, flowers on table, bottle of wine and you do the washing up while she tucks into the big box of chocs you bought. :)

  • I already have two large boxes of Hotel Chocolat choccies so it could be another plan. Oh 'eck, Scrobby isn't about is she?

    Bobby xxxx

  • Yes just walked through the door and smelled the word chocolate :D xx

  • Difficult one this Bobby. If it's a nice evening sit outside and eat most places cater for that. The weather is supposed to be getting better. A barbecue?, what about a picnic on the Clent Hills. Order a picnic hamper from M & S,.actually that might be a bit expensive.

    I'm a bit funny about busy pubs especially with my oxygen, if given the choice I would prefer fish & chips sitting in the car.

    Lib x

  • Ha ha, you and me both. Local chippy is perfect but she will never wear it. lol

    Bobby xxxx

  • Just a thought if you like what about a take away at home. But being a special birthday I would as a woman myself prefer a treat out, must be some quiet restaurants or pubs around you. Good luck with your choice.

  • I had thought about the local Toby. They have go a table there next to the double doors onto the garden. I don't usually feel too bad on that one. Now if I use my considerable charm to bribe the waitress......

    Bobby xxxx

  • Don't know what you want spend, but what about booking a suite at a nice hotel for the night and have your wife's favourite meal, delivered to your room, or a nice quiet candle lit corner in the restaurant, after all its a special day, your only 50 once. All the best hope you both have a brilliant day !!


  • Thanks dicky. Nice idea but a bit out of the price range I think. Wifey would certainly go for that but as she has got all me pension already I'm a bit knacked.


  • Hey I will go for that one, shame I'm long past my 50th. boo hoo.

  • Sorry pal you could always di the candle kit dinner at home, ?

  • Had another idea, but it's weather dependent. An extra special picnic, at wifey,s favourite beauty spot.

    ground blanket and gingham table cloth/camping table and chairs, an ice box and bucket, a hamper filled with all her favourite goodies, a bottle if chilled Moet or Bollinger and a proposal to retake your Wedding Vows, it might not be up your street, but just thought it would be nice


  • As one of those dreaded wife things, I would like a meal that cannot easily be cooked at home in a nice quiet restaurant away from tha madding crowds. (Table near door or window to help you)

    Tina x

    Good luck

  • I am sure you will find a way to celebrate the wife's birthday because if you don't...................

    God Help You :D

    I am sure that any good place if you rang them would give you help either to sit you near a door or window if you explained your situation. On the whole I have found people really helpful as long as you are nice as I am sure you are (to anyone but me :P )

  • Awwww Jan, you know I love you to bits really.


  • Dont know, but whatever you deciede have a lovely lovely time I do understand how you feel when I have to go out i spend most of the time wishing i was back home, i tend to prefer to go out for breakfast now as theres a lot less people about or afternoon tea xxxx

    you could get her another Guinea piggy xx julie

  • All I ask is to be somewhere the loo, and NOT next to a noisy party. Nothing wrong with them having fun, but I cant hear what is being said to me. Thank god for the no smoking ban. However, Bobby, I am getting away from the point. With all this good advice, have a great time with your wife.

  • Oh Bobby.I am sure any restaurant or pub would be only to pleased for you to dine outside!


  • Empathise with the clausttrophobia Bobby - I have difficult going in a lift and even hate loo doors which are completely enclosed.

    Your wife has expressed she is expecting to go out to celebrate. With a bit research and a word with a friendly landlord or waiter I hope you can find somewhere pretty open, probably near a window.

    Whatever you do hun I hope you both have a lovely time and your wife has a lovely birthday.

    love cx

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