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I posted a question on BLF FB page and got this reply from them I did wonder about posting it on here but then decide to do it anyway as it was posted on a public page

British Lung Foundation Hi Janet. The rumours aren't quite true, although we can say that, like many organisations in the current economic climate, the BLF has been looking at ways in which we can reduce costs and balance the books. This will include changing the way we support our work around the country and the BLF Breathe Easy support groups across the UK. In future, the main support for the groups will be provided by a new team based in Liverpool, called BLF Direct. We will be closing the regional offices in Newcastle, Leicester and Bristol, and one of our two London offices, when the current leases run out over the coming months and years - but, that doesn’t mean we won’t have a presence in those areas, just that the staff will mainly work from home instead. Our other offices – including Swansea and Glasgow – will remain open. Although we are limited in how much we can say at this time, our chief executive, Penny Woods, has been out on the road for the last few weeks meeting Breathe Easy groups around the country, explaining the plans and why these changes are necessary, listening to feedback and answering questions. The feedback and ideas from the around the country will ensure that we continue to support the Breathe Easy network effectively, and that the changes are introduced as well as possible. Penny is continuing meeting Breathe Easy groups on this subject right through to the end of July. We understand that rumours can be upsetting for people and we’re sorry if this has caused you any anxiety. However, rest assured that we are committed to maintaining our regional presence and supporting the Breathe Easy network all over the UK. When we are able to formally communicate on this issue, letters will be sent to each Breathe Easy group with the details of how and when any changes will happen. I hope that addresses your concerns? Alistair at the BLF.

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can i pinch this to show others please?

Why not as I said Alistair did not ask me to keep it quiet :)

Hi Jandan

It is nice to have some clarification after all the rumours. So thank you for posting that.

Anna xxx

Well done Janet for asking the question directly to the source, and posting the reply, rather than facilitating a platform for misplaced suppositions.

Sandra x x x

Wow I am so pleased you did this. Its reassuring to all of us to know we will still have this forum and the support from BLF. Thank you for that.

Bev xx

Asking directly seems the best way to go, well done Janet and thanks for posting as a separate blog.

Thanks for that Janet, good of you to take the time.

Lib x

Well done Janet

Good work :)

Excellent Janet and at least we know where we stand. xxx

I thought they put that as a reply on your blog yesterday? Anyway interesting thank you for raising it, as others say, at least we know where we stand now. xx

Not on my blog No! I had not done a Blog about the BLF but I got fed up of all the rumours going around so asked directly to BLF what the truth was as I hate speculation and this was the reply which I promptly posted on here. So I do not know which Blog you are talking about.


sorry Jandan no it was not your blog but was on the same subject by Derrylynne and Mark from BLF gave an almost identical (if not exactly identical) answer in a reply to that. Sorry as it was the same subject I presumed it was your blog but should not have - should have checked - sorry for that. xx

Hi Everyone

Below is the link to derrylynes original post - he posted it on Sunday.



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