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Living alone has made me selfish

and having bronchiastasis and copd hasn't helped.

As everyone knows (I think) I also have panic attacks when I have to leave the house so I don't if I can help it. I am quite happy in my own company so why do I moan about not having visitors and yet when I do get them I can't wait for them to go.

Confused me :( never but some people just don't seem to understand that having to talk when all I want to do is sleep is why I am just not interested in them rabbiting on about their sore big toe. Much as I appreciate the offers to do my shopping I want to use the internet that way it seems as if I m not spending real money.

As that famous actress said many years ago

I Vant To Be Alone :P

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Oh Janet how can you be so unfeeling about my sore toe. :(

It's amazing the coping mechanisms we get. I look interested as they blather about a life that no longer applies to me, in reality I'm thinking I wonder what so and so had for dinner, if there are any funnies, any good news and so on.

I'm lucky not to get panic attacks but I can see how easy being wary of leaving the house could be. Take care


Tina x

Jan, were we separated at birth? Libby

Gosh, I really understand how you feel there Janet. Most days it is just me and the sem-surly teen and he disappears into the bedroom and only emerges for food or lifts. You start talking to the cat and thinking - oh for a proper conversation. Then all of a sudden people arrive out of the woodwork and within ten minutes you've had enough. :)

I've gotten that way too Janet! Yes, it is nice to see them, but please only for a short while.

Sandra x x x

Oh thank the lord I,m not alone,thats just what I feel :D

Thanks Janet I don't feel such an old misery guts now :)


Me too, @ times I don't answer the door.. I will just have to learn not to invite anyone for a cuppa and then chickening out!

The trick is to go to theirs, then you can leave as and when I want.

Think about it . . . it works.

xx Ros xx

I am exactly the same I am no longer for health reasons able to go out on my own and when I do I find myself thinking about getting back home, I dread people coming to the house as a lot of the things people want to talk about I feel disconnected from now,and as I get tired easily I worry that I wont be able to keep up with them. I think this illness changes your perspective of the world and not by choice either its just how it is. So no your not selfish your normal and making the best of what life has dealt you. Thank you so much for sharing as its obvious so many people can relate to your story xxxxx Love Julie xxx

I thought it was me being anti social, when my family come over its for the whole day and I am always feeding everyone, I don't mind when I feel well. I still work so my days off I need a bit of rest. Have another horrible chest infection at moment so have managed to tell them to let me have some rest for a week. Why do I feel guilty? Take care and keep on enjoying your own company x Shirley

I must admit that I'm much the same, jandan. Since I quit smoking and drinking on the same day 28 years ago, my social life is non existent.

Now at 73 the only person that I speak to is the guy who delivers my meds, but as long as I have the TV and computer to play with I am quite content.

I find that the only younger relations I have left are scared of getting 'lumbered' with me anyhow especially as I am no longer available for free work for them.

Such is life ! Keep your chin up,


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