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Support around the world

Support around the world

This is something that was shared by a French lady (written in her native tongue), in support of all her friends, when I hit translate this is what was written:


Because there are people who need much at the moment, I will not give names, everyone knows. Many of us go through difficult times. It is good to know that there are people who care about you. To all my friends who go through a few problems at the moment, we will generate a wave of good intentions. With all goals positive, with brightness for the future.

I would like to ask my friends wherever you are, do a copy paste and a sharing of this status for one hour to take a moment to support all those who have problems with family, health, work, the concerns of any nature... and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for us all, nobody is immune or excluded. I hope to see this on the wall of all my friends just for moral support. x x


I later discovered that those friends who read these words from many different nationalities had done the same thing I did and reposted it in their own native tongue, it is wonderful to see such words of support being shared around the world and here I share those words again with you all.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone wherever you are and wherever you may roam on the internet, please share these words.

x x BC x x

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What a beautiful blog,yes will share it,Blakey.

Love Wendells xxx


Those are lovely words, and if everyone in the world read them i'm sure it would help make it a better place. Thank you for sharing that with us.


Great, sending love and kindness by thought all over the world cannot be a negative.

I'm sure it helps. P xx


Will copy and share.

Gina x


We need to spread love and support. It seems as though the world is hurting. Thank you Blake. :-) Alison


Lovely sentiment and words BlakeyC and will happily share with others. Thanks for that. xx


Lovely give one faith in the human race again - thank you x


Thanks all for sharing this around with others. I think if there was more of this going on in the world it would have a positive knock on affect generally.

Everyone have a happy easy breathing Sunday.

x BC x


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