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Council Homes Set To Shrink In Bedroom Tax Shake Up

Council Homes Set To Shrink In Bedroom Tax Shake Up

Homes set to shrink in Welwyn Hatfield to beat the ‘bedroom tax’

MORE than 100 homes are to “shrink” as housing chiefs aim to beat the controversial ‘bedroom tax’.


A reclassification set to be discussed today (Thursday) could see officials try to circumvent controversial benefit reforms.

Roughly 100 three bedroom houses look set to be classed as two bedroom homes, as one of the rooms is less than 50 square feet.

Under plans being weighed up, the third bedroom would be classed as a box room – meaning tenants will not be hit in the pocket.

A government shake-up means benefit claimants now receive lower payments if they have a spare room in their council or housing association-owned home.

More than 800 households have been affected in Welwyn Hatfield.

Several other four-bed homes will be relabelled as three bedroom properties.

Conservative councillor Roger Trigg, executive member for housing, said: “We think some 50 square feet is small enough to not be a bedroom, it might be enough for a little computer study.

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Thanks dazisnotsogood - very interesting to see ways councils are trying to help tenants. I'll pass this on to the anti-cuts group work with.

all best, jean

Nottingham city doing the same I think.....bedroom and study or box room

For once, faith in humanity restored - good on those councils who are prepared to do something about the impact of this 'bedroom tax'.

many people will find these wonderful news thankyou for bring it to our attension


Should not have to wangle round these rules. They are not fair to begin with. Audrey

Will the wife let me out of my now called BOX room?


Splendid news - I wonder how many empty bedrooms Cameron and shambles have in their mansions - more than one I bet. Still of course they are rich so it does not matter!

Think Leeds Council are doing something very similar. Time they scrapped the bedroom tax altogether.


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