Hi All, great news a lung transplant is not on the agenda at the moment between the Chest Consultant and the RA Consultant they are going to try and concentrate on slowing down the RA affecting my lungs with various drugs, They were so impressed with mine and Fran.s effort improving my mobility and exercises to gain some lung space and they have encouraged me to carry on with a good diet plan, plenty exercise and that's all we can do for the moment. Just waiting on my son Mark coming with a couple of bottles of wine, And seeing Fran's face when she heard that the transplant was not happening just now made me even happier if that's possible. mattcass

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  • I am absolutely thrilled for you. Well done - all the effort was worth it. You deserve a glass or two! Alison :-) :-) :-)

  • Brilliant news , well done x

  • Congratulations, Matcase. It sounds as if you have a very supportive wife. All the best Annie x

  • Super news Matt. Thanks for getting back so promptly. Give Fran a big kiss from me for being so good for you. Love to both of you


  • So pleased you are happy with the outcome Matt - will raise a glass to you both xx

  • Cheers Matt Enjoy that wine :D

  • Fantastic news, well done. All that effort has paid off.

    Lynne xx

  • Excellent news! I am really pleased for you and your family!

    The healthy lifestyle is proving good for you!

  • Well done on all the effort you have put in to get this exciting news. Enjoy the wine. Hope for all us RA/PF sufferers.

    Tina x

  • Fantastic news - really pleased for you

    love cx

  • It's lovely to hear good news. Enjoy you glass of wine I'm sure you've well earned it.

  • Wow! Great news and very inspirational. So glad what you are doing is paying obvious dividends! Enjoy your wine.

    Marie x

  • Fantastic news mattcass.Keep smiling


    your daily humour tonic

  • Great news, well done with all your efforts to keep as well as you can. Enjoy the celebrations

    So pleased for you :)

    BC x

  • Absolutely brilliant! Well done Tad x x x

  • What brilliant news for you.Congrats on your efforts.However nice to know they would consider you for transplant,if & when needed.xx

  • Great news so very pleased for you and your family

  • So very pleased for you.well done you for doing some exercising :)

  • Congratulations, on your result.

    Gina x

  • Fantastic news, well done you.

    Kim xxxx

  • Well done keep up the work aye the best

  • Excellent news, exercise is the best medicine followed by a bottle of wine, make mine a red

    Cheers Adrian

  • That's amazing Mattcass, your blog positively glows with joy! Very pleased for you and your wife. You did it!

  • Great News MC, It seems as though all that secret hard work you've been putting in has paid off.

    I'm made up for you and Fran :) . I hope you have recovered from the celibration hangover by now so you can get back to working hard on that fitness.

    Ive been out riding my bike today, first time since I fell ill 3 years ago and I feel really good about it. :)

  • Well done you and hope the wine went down well. You take care. xxx

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