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Blood tests

News update.

According to my Useless Doctors office.

I am not allowed to know what my blood results are except they are normal.

I am not allowed to know my blood type.

I am not allowed to even ask.

Normal for what?

someone with COPD, Cancer, Aids WHAT?

Here is the best part, it seems that all the RECEPTIONISTS are qualified doctors and are there to tell me how it is and what i must do.

and that is that, Want to see a doctor, NO

hows my bloods, FINE

what is my blood type, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW THAT.


I think PALS here i come.

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That sounds absolutely appalling, gazath. Good manners cost nothing, you would have thought. Yes, don't take treatment like that lying down, best of luck with PALS and keep us up to date on your progress.


I am feel in the same boat. But some is due to me feeling pressured that the app in only 10 mins. By the time the GP has looked on the PC about needs, then happily send you on your way with a prescription.

Tomorrow I want to go with all my questions written down. AND try not to feel understanding there are patients perhaps in the waiting room with worse symptom (not self inflicted) like mine

xx Ros xx

ps I also do not know about my bloods, group etc.

According to the GP I have COPD and live with it.

xx Ros xx


Hey there Ros.

Sounds like you are at my practice. hehe

I am sure i will get a response or my next step is going to be the news papers seeing as they love to rip the NHS to pieces.


I'm no expert but I think they are actually breaking the law if they say you can't know.

The BLF can probably tell you about the rights you have. Their number is 03000 030 555.

Lynne xx


I believe you're right Lynne.

Diabolical, of course we have a right ot know our blood group!

Gazath - you have the right to have copies of your results and also your medical records.

You must apply for them in writing - my practice has a form to fill in. The practice manager seemed suspicious & reluctant at first (none of the receptionists had a clue about it). Ijust wrote in the margin that I wanted all my lung related results, antibiotics, diagnosis' for the last few years.

Very useful to have them for when a consultant ask you questions ie I've been asked several times when asthma was diagnosed. I thought it was 6 years ago when in fact it's been 9 years.

They were 10p per sheet. Call BLF


Hey Lynne

They have been useless so far and all my complaints to the practice manager have amounted to nothing, so I wrote to PALS and named names, I will be interested to hear or see if anything actually comes of this.


i to had bad dealings with ex gp receptionists who thought they was top dogs there .also practise manager thought he was the bees and knees stupid ppl.i wrote to pals 4month ago not heard anything of them just a phone call months ago to say they had recieved all forms i sent bak ,dont hold ur breath im beginning to think there all the same joined at the new gp is ok,i had blood dun 2 week ago and his nurse rung me with results akk ok cept white cells but not to worry gp wants me have em done again in 4week


Sorry to hear about your Surgery and blood results, I must be most fortunate as I have monthly blood check and If there are any problems my doctor will phone me personally, if the are OK the nurse taking the blood will give me a run down of whats went up, what is stable and what has went down. Because of the medication that I am on the results always get marked in my methotrexate book. As far as I am aware you are entilled to know what blood group that you on. I carry a list of all drugs I take which I have put on computer, this also has my name , date of birth and blood group. The reason for this is the first question when you are taken to A&E what what medication are you on and all I do hand over the list which includeds my blood group.

I feel Lynn on this occassion you are entitled to have your result properly given to you and you are most definately entitled to know what your blood group is even if it is for your own satifaction and at least you can carry it with you god willing you will never need it but it is handy to have. If the GP does not play ball ask next time your in hospital. Best of luck go for it. It is your entitlement.


Hi gazath, I was just going to ask you was it a receptionist that told you that and then you went on to say more.

I don't let any receptionist give me my results, I always book an appointment with the doctor, the reason being is receptionists are not qualified to read your test results and by the way you are entitled to have a copy of those results, I usually get a copy of mine.

I don't think you need to go to PALS about this unless you experienced this at your local hospital, just get passed the surgery receptionist by insisting on making an appointment to see the doctor and just don't have any dealings with the receptionist other than that


Hi Blakey

This is just the lady that sits at the desk, i know she knows nothing because when i asked her about my blood type she had to go and ask around about this. She did not even bother to put the phone on silent.

I have had a hell of a time with my surgery have a little read of this, it is one of my other posts.


just read ur blog that happened to me,last june went see ex gp after gall surgery had pains under left ribs,sent me for xray,rung for an appointment receptionist said all full till nx week wats it for,told er she had a look and said oh there bak gp doesnt want see u all is ok hes wrote,xmas got very ill he sent locum out she was shoked sent me for a scan wat showed copd,she also said u had xray in june/i said yes but was ok/no it wasnt ,give me 2 lots of abs/6week i was to ill to even walk in the house,if had known the real results in june i wud have stopped cigs there an then clowns sum ppl.i stopped at xmas dead no cigs again,went see gp all he said was sorry wat a useless bldy word practise man was no better and i told him as well/he laughed said my wife as a bit of that copd /ohrite well god help her married to u ha ha bet she gets better treated than i did there a joke,have new gp now same building different practise.then i understood why ex gp was piffed as locum had done her jop proper with the scan wat he should have ordered in june i put it down to cost an lazyness an ignorance/


Just to top this off. I called my doctors and told them that i was almost out of my prescription and and was told to call the repeat prescription line. none of this has been explained to me.

When i got to speak to someone i was told to come and pick up my prescription tomorrow afternoon.


Asked if i could get 2 Ventolin and was told i cant, so i explained that i was out and i don't know why but i could not get my pump to work so started to panic because i could not breath.

The more i freaked out the harder it was for me to breath.

So thinking a spare could be a good idea?

NOPE told i could only have one and i need to learn how to use it.............


I really do feel like i am being made to feel like i should die in a hurry and leave them alone.


I presume there isn't another practice to move to?

My cons refused to believe I'd had pneumonias. When I got the relevant records from GP I noiced one of them had been diagnosed at his own hospital's walk in clinic on a Saturday!


That's ridiculous treatment I'm so glad you have decided to complain. Don't stand for this kind of treatment. It's your blood and your results don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't know about your blood.


How are these GP surgeries paid? Is it by the number of patients on the books, or by the amount of consultations that they give ? What's in it for them to take on far more patients than they can reasonably deal with promptly ? Does anyone know?


greed and yes they cant deal with the patients they have but keep taking more on.


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