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Yesterday morning I went to a Gedling Community Volunteer Managers Forum Meeting entitled 'Volunteers and The Law, I never knew how complicated things had become and also a bit stupid in my mind.Example,if you claim for lunch with a receipt that is fine but if you are given say £3 allowance for lunch you are deemed to be an employee in the eyes of HMCR

I went to Breathe Easy Nottingham in the afternoon.We were entertained to an excercises demonstration.I was worn out just watching!!

Last night I went to a meeting about improving the local enviroment.Subjects included:-improving /development a Nature Reserve & Wet Grassland area(Netherfield Lagoons),turning a disused railway track into a walkway and wildlife haven right in the middle of the community..I came away with lots of seeds for sowing which will grow into friendly plants for bees,insects etc and a bee house.The name of the group 'NAG.,and that's what they did(in a nice way) and I have been asked to join the group.Apparently they need someone who does not care about speaking their mind,I don't know why they asked me!!!!!!

This morning I went to my surgeries Patient Participation Group,s meeting where we discussed requirements that patients of the practice had put to us and a few legal issue.

All in a days work as the say.

This afternoon I sat in the garden with Badger just relaxing.



Take some time out of the garden to go to your local Breathe Easy group

If you wish to join phone the BLF Helpline.They will tell you what to do.

03000 030 555 Mon -Fri 10am 6pm

Alternatively look at the British Lung Foundation website

Why not join he BLF

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  • Exhausted just reading all of that you put some to shame - not me I have no shame I love being lazy :D


  • I love doing what I do when I can do it

  • Interesting to read this, King. I read about disused railway tracks. I went along one on the buggy, and found it fascinating. Too bad the battery conked out just before the end, but we could see the car.

  • Got to watch my battery

  • I agree with you Janet .Done nothing all day but potter between the laptop,jigsaw and garden swing and I don't feel a bit guilty. Now I am going to watch telly.


  • Gail.You're impossible

  • Well after that lazy day, wht do you plan on doing for the rest of tomorrow. Seriously are you sure you're Ok and don't need councelling?

    Love Tina x :)

  • There were 'councillors' in attendance last night.They don't always seem to like someone who speaks up.Counselling?I prefer to give it than receive it.

  • Don't you recognise I'm a few cells short of a brain. I want me mam. I hate losing, I'll do the girl thing and cry!!!

    Boo Hoo

    Nah can't do it

    :d ROFL_CGU

  • You are just the same as all the other girls on this site,spoilt little brats.Oops


  • You wait young man 'til I've had me dinner and am allowed out to play again. I'll bring me mates next time.

    love you x

  • Please don't i'm quaking in me boots.Bring your mates,gang up on me.

    Can't I just have the tongue lashing instead?

  • Lashings of tongue coming up


  • Sounds like a lot of meetings! there is a great nature park near where I live and it has an old dis-used railway track going through it,its called the dingle and its very pretty with lots of arty sculptures, ducks and squirrals! oh and benches, flora and fauna! you can bring your dog on a lead...


  • That is what we want to achieve.

  • Wow I went to the spinal clinic and the library and I was worn out. How do you do it?

    PS I'm not a spoilt brat..............well perhaps I am and I love it.

  • Don't forget ,I am sitting down at the meetings!

  • well done you for being so involved in the community, I used to be but where I live now it is unfortunately impossible - do miss it though - keep up the good work xx

  • I love being involved in the community.

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