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Free sleep apnoea checks in the North East

Hi everyone,

Over the next couple of weeks there are some testing events going on in the North East

inviting anyone who are interested to get tested for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a serious sleep disorder which causes people to stop breathing repeatedly during sleep.

The testing and awareness event take place on:

•Darlington - Wednesday 5 June 10am-4pm ASDA Superstore

•Durham City Centre - Thursday 6 June 10am-4pm Durham outdoor market

•Seaham - Wednesday 12 June 10am-4pm Byron Place shopping centre

•Bishop Auckland - Thursday 13 June 10am-4pm Sainsbury’s Superstore

These four areas are predicted to have among the highest rates of OSA in the country according to new analysis we've conducted.

People of all ages are encouraged to come along if they or a loved one are displaying any of the ‘triple S’ symptoms of OSA: Sleepiness in the day time, Snoring loudly or Stopping breathing whilst asleep.

The free event will provide an opportunity to find out more about the condition, take a simple test, and put questions to the experts.

For more information and advice about OSA visit and to find out more about the events visit:


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It would be interesting to know the cause or causes of such a high incidence rate of OSA in the North East. Something must be responsible for it. Does your analysis point towards anything in particular?



The analysis was built from an overall risk algorithm, comparing all health areas in the UK. The North East was predicted to be particularly at risk due to high prevalence of hypertension, diabetes and obesity, and of a population over 50 which can be contributory factors which make you more at risk of OSA.

This is the first event of it's kind - so there may be potential to run events in other areas in the UK at high risk too.

I hope that's helpful!


Thank you for your prompt answer to my question. I was going to say that the West Midlands rate ought to be similar to the North East. Thinking about it, however, our large population of recent immigrants would tend to drag the average age down, as many of them are from the younger age groups. It is certainly fascinating though.



Congratulations to those conducting the study - information is key.


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