Veg out......................KOTC

What a lovely day today.This morning I was up early and bright and I went to Netherfield for the anual NEAT(Netherfield Eco Action Team) VEG OUT DAY.This is where they give away(or for a small donation) veg and flower plants for any of the local community.All the plants are grown on their allotment patches.As I do not have a greenhoue it is ideal for me to get plants of many varieties to grow on in my containers.

Called in to the church coffee morning on the way home and caught up with the local gossip.

After a nice salad lunch,sat out in the garden,the afternoon was spent helping my wife put up a new gazebo(left the last one out in the snow and it collapsed).I read the instructions!

We then sat outside enjoy the evening sunshine.

Badger enjoyed lying on the lawn watching the birds getting up to there antics

I hope you all have been able to enjoy the good weather



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  • Hi KOTC

    Sounds like a lovely day!

    It wasn't sunny over here but hopefully it will be soon and I'll be out in the garden like a shot.

    Hope you have another wonderful day tomorrow.

    koala x

  • It has been a very nice relaxing day

  • to busy to enjoy anything!!! but one day King one day


  • What have you been up to, SW, then, that you couldn't join in!!

  • Two grandsons here all day & just got them to bed Annie, you did say children come first didn't you??


  • You are forgiven

  • We had our gala day today, and luckily the rain never came until after the parade. Glad you're relaxing Kingy :) x x x

  • Did you hang the bunting out?

  • Lots of it - well the garden wasn't as colourful as it could have been because of all this horrid weather ..... so bunting was in abundance! x x x

  • Pleased you had such a good day.

    Went for a walk to get an appetite for lunch.

    Managed the rare old distance of 100 yards. :)

  • A marathon! Couldn't manage that

  • Glad you and the wife had a good day Richard. I went shopping early today (Don't tell anyone) then I watched wifey and youngest working on the garden. Oh, I did manage to paint a planter with no-fume brown gunk.


  • BOBBY WENT SHOPPING.I will keep it a secret

  • Sounds like a good day. We ( that's a bit like the royal we) planted more veg, but despite the sun, I havent been good at all and went to bed this afternoon, and I'm off there again soon.

    Lynne xx

  • I hope you are feeling bright and cheerful by now

  • What a nice day you had,may there be plenty of more sunny days to come!! xxx

  • It has been another sunnyday to relax in

  • Sounds like a lovely busy day. Sun shining here too so just relaxed and had a bbq. :)

  • Absolutely gorgeous here.

  • Well I read the whole of the above with interest and then got to the part about you reading the instructions. :)

  • Well I felt I had to do something to help

  • Sounds like a perfect day! today isn't too bad either,hope you are enjoying it like me! hey I think its summer at last hurray! :) x

  • It' been a fantastic day

  • envy you he badgers - hope you are not in one of the new culling areas - think it is disgusting myself when they could vaccinate the cattle instead and not proved they spread or are origin of TB - but vaccination costs money and takes from profits so why do it, if yoinur friends government will spend the people's money viz. ours on killing such beautiful creatures - enjoy your badgers while you can...

  • Totally agree with you on the badger issue. 240,000 people signed the petition handed in at no.10 by Brian May yesterday. Just thought I'd stick in my 10 cents worth. Sorry, badger thing gets me mad!

    Gina x

  • Me too - pleased not just me and you another 238,000 good x

  • oh whoops silly me have awful feeling after re-reading your blog Badger is probably a dog - whoops sorry - the culling of the badgers must have got to me more than I'd realised and of course not likely to be out in the sunshine - sorry pleased you had a lovely day...x

  • My Badger is a Lurcher,he's my mate.

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