I am a great reader of self help books(Amazon must have me labelled as neurotic as I buy so many) The latest is "Love is letting go of fear" by Gerald G. Jampolsky... his idea is that when we give love away we get more love back (I think!)

So after 4 consecutive nights of wheezing and coughing and hating my lungs, I thought I would find my old hippy self and Love my Lungs instead.

Just been to the allotment to plant some flowers....I won't wear them in my hair tho...much too old.

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  • I have long conversations with my lungs, with the idea that I will bore them into compliant submission ! It works, mostly :)

    Have fun planting and let the hippy self bloom with the flowers :)

  • Hello Knitter

    Living in Cornwall since the middle 60s I was often in St Ives. Fabulous place for hippies!!! I suppose that all of us who were hippies are now staid and respectable.

    I'm sure that if I told my son some of the things I did in my early live he would not believe me.

    Tonight, I am going to tell my lungs that I love them and that I hope that they last for a very long time.

    I'll let you know.

    Love and hugs



  • PS - my second paragraph (above) should read ............ the things I did in my early life .....




  • Loving the lungs helps a lot we have to be very best friends with them and treat them good to get the most out of them. They aint gonna do anything for you if you hate or neglect them for sure.

    Have a great sunshining day :)

  • Hi BlakeyC

    I have to admit that in the past I did not treat my lungs to the care they were entitled to - I smoked from the age of 23 years (in my defence, I only started because all of my friends smoked and I did not want to be the odd one out).

    Now I have a lobe missing from my right lung (op in 2009) and wedges missing from my left lung (op in 2011), (the right lung was cancerous but my left lung was fine).

    Now, I am extremely careful with my breathing equipment.

    I feel guilty because my problems are self-inflicted. However, having said that, I cannot turn time back so must get on with life as well as I can.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if our lungs (like our liver) could automatically repair - as long as we hadn't done too much damage.

    "If wishes were horses ......................"

    Kind regards Blakey

    Love and hugs



  • Aw Knitter. In your mid-forties you are the perfect age to wear flowers in your hair. I would do it myself if I had hair. lol

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • You are so right Ann. I am just getting a feel for my lungs as they now are. As you may have seen, I recently had a Chet infection. After two lots of ABs and a 6 day course of steroids I was much, much better. Then a few days ago, I started to cough a bit again. This morning I felt less than good and within a few hours I feel awful. Chest hurts, very short of breath and coughing.

    Why do these things always happen at weekends? So, I have just started my emergency steroids and will try to get in with my GP on Monday.

    Lynne xx

  • Lynne I hope you will be feeling better soon, take good care and rest up, hope things are easier today for you.

  • Chest infections are notorious (spelling?) for starting Friday evening/Saturday morning. Thank goodness for emergency packs, get better soon Lynne.

    Lib x

  • Hi Caroll I too have an oxy meter and it does at least give me a sense of being in control of something in my life.

  • Knitter, you are never too old to wear flowers in your hair! loving your lungs sounds groovey to me! :) x

  • for Knitter and Pepsicoley - from another ex hippy are you, like me, so, so pleased that things like Facebook and mobile phones (that take pictures) were not around in our day, I cringe at the thought that half of what I got up to then could be out there in photos or even on video - thank goodness they were not - hate to think what the young who are so eager to share their more intimate and possibly embarrassing moments now will feel about them in 30 or 40 years time. Think we were young at the best time.

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