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Need some help boys and girls. Blood Transfusions

I have just seen my immunologist yesterday as my immune system is shot to pieces. I have and have for a few years COPD and Bronchiectasis. I have now been told by my specialist that my blood is no longer producing enough antibodies or protein and as I have been on long term antibiotics the next step in weekly blood transfusions to try to increase the antibodies and protein in the blood to prevent or help my chest infections.

As a result of my failure to produce antibodies the chest infections are getting worse and as a result although I have Angina I now have heart failure because of the thickening of my right heart muscle which pumps the blood to the lungs.

Anyway boys and girls my question to you is very simple , has anyone had blood transfusions for the same thing.?

I have put this question on here because it is all interrelated to the lung, heart COPD and the rest of our illnesses. Thanks for your time

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Sorry I can't help with this one but I wish you well and am a firm believer that everything is linked!!

Just a thought, if you get recurrent chest infections, I assume you have rubbish on your chest that lurks around and never quite 'physically' gets cleared. I do not know if your doctors have tried Mucolytics (search this site for Mucolytics or mucodyne) for info.

cheers Kevin


Thanks Kevin

There are ones I take already with the rest of my pills, Many thanks anyway


Further to Kevi's comment berwick I had Muscodyne for a time and it worked a treat. Could be worth a try.



Thanks phillips , see above for my reply. Thank you anyway.


Sorry I cant help with your query.

I/we went through my husbands blood transfusions for a few years but they were for a totally different reason (his heart & lungs were huge & strong).

As a family we try to give blood as often as we can to try to put some back so I'll think of you next time.

All the very best to you. Penelope


thank you penelope for taking the time to help me. Breath Easy Graeme

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