Well thats it, Our summer has come and gone in a flash, hope you all enjoyed it.

Well thats it, Our summer has come and gone in a flash, hope you all enjoyed it.

It must be summer, I fired up the BBQ today so thats proof enough isn't it. I was a little worried that the smoke could be a problem but even that was behaving itself and always seemed to be blowing away from me. Strange because it normally heads straight for me and swirls right up my nostrils like it used to when sat next to a smoker in the pub, Iv'e never actually smoked but boy I must have breathed in plenty from passive smoking in the local pubs and night clubs. Most public houses had yellow stained walls and windows, well I guess my lungs are also covered in that too.

O'h well back on track now I even had a bottle of Westons strong cider 7.5% and prayed the transplant phone call dos'nt come today as alcohol in the blood may present a bit of a problem when on the operating table. No anesthetic needed on this one, Gulp!

My daughter is back from Uni now and she's full of young peoples energy which kind of rubs off on all around, there was lots of laughter and music, its great to have the family back together again. My 17 year old son decided to join in too and came out into the daylight from his pitt, or should I say bedroom. I think he's becoming nocturnal as he rarely opens his curtains and only goes out in the dark. There's always a strange noise that he calls music coming through the ceiling, Boom! Boom! blumin Boom! but I have to remain calm and recall when I was young and used to drive my mum and dad crazy with the likes of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

Luckily Its all quiet now, My son and daughter have gone into town, my wife is asleep upstairs so I'm having a little blog time while I wind down from what turned out to be a blinkin great day.

I truely hope that this day wasn't 'our summer come and gone' but those horrible weather people keep telling us different. 'come on jet stream,do us a favor and shift North Please!'

I hope you all enjoyed our summer like I did.

Tony. :) Oh dam it, Iv'e missed Gordons Radio Show again havn't I. :(

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  • Never mind I'm sure Gordon won't mind,you enjoyed the best part of the day by having the familly together


  • I bet he played some Deep Purple or Black Sabbath, it seems as though anything goes on his show but that might be too far off his thing.

    I'll catch up on Radio Replay in the week sometime, as Iv'e alway's said Family First and today didn't let me down.

    Thanks King.

  • Thats my son and daughter in the photo doing some kind of flying thing on Croyde beach last year so I guess it passes as a summer kind of picture. That was probably taken on our only summer day from last year, inbetween the rain clouds.

  • I spent a lot of my misspent youth on Croyde beach.A beautiful place to be.

  • I also spent some time there when I used to go on motorcycling/camping holiday's with my friends, 35 odd years ago so it was good to go back last year. It hadn't changed at all apart from being a little over run by surfers in wet suits.

    It still rained a lot and the red flags were up most of the time to stop swimming, there's some pretty dangerous currents I believe but then I only paddle these days.

  • Enjoyed your blog, and yes my summer was good, we had roast beef and red wine and the cushioned garden seats came out !! Sunbathing and a good book on a full belly with a glass of tipsy ... ahhh what could be better.

    :) Anna

  • Ahhhh yes, Great ain't it :) after everything we all go through, its justice when we get some good time and forget all our problems.


  • Oh, bother, I overslept and missed summer .... must reset my calendar for next year :)

    Glad you enjoyed yours :)

  • We had better syncronise calendars and watches so you don't miss it eh' NW.

  • Now that, sir, is a plan :) x x

  • Sounds like another great day.

    Lynne xx

  • Yes, I even squeezed in a morning walk and found a new view of the Malverns from down on the lower parts of the local common.

    When I get my digital camera battery next week I'll snap it and put it on for you to see, thats if the lens is up to it and gives it justice. It'll have to be very wide angle.

    Tony xx

  • Good taste in music, sir but where's our burgers.................. :)

    Trust you do have photographic evidence both of your jolly good day and the fact you had summer.

  • Sorry ate all the burgers, even the veggie ones that my daughter did'nt want and no photo's I'm afraid as my digital camera battery hasn't arrived yet. Blumin technology, whatever happened to the old kodac Instamatic, never let you down but looking back at some old photos the quality left something to be desired and you can't download from it either.

  • There was I having a lovely therapeutic ironing session ready to get packed. Looked out of the spare room window (no not spare, medical storage room) and laying in back gardens were a pod of beeched whales all white and shiny and gasping. Have we had the day out then? Glad you had a goo day.

    Tina x :)

  • Thanks Tina, no lilly white beached whales round here, just us red lobsters burning quite nicely thanks.

    My medical storage room has just been reclaimed by my daughter returning from uni so up goes the council tax again. Maybe I can get her to pay rent to compensate, Ha dreaming now.

    I hope the weather returns for your boating holiday and you have a summer too without the iron in hand.

    Tony x

  • I'm glad you enjoyed a happy summer today! I too made the most of it and I'm so tired after messing about in the garden all day, I love Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and couldn't resist sending a blast from the past! time for some zzzzz's huff xxx

  • Thanks for that HP, Iv'e just had the headphones on full chat to give that one justice. Took me right back to my headbanging days and the local disco's that used to be on every week down your local.

    They were great days :)

  • I love this track, the album came out in the September that I started Junior school, and after summer hols, my mum would try make me go bed early for 'big school' - i would cry and tantrum, till my older brother who had bought this album from Adrians record shop, would play it on repeat so I could get to sleep. :) Anna

  • And know when you see Ozzy - he can hardly stand, never mind speak - but I do like their new album .... he can still belt them out ! :)

  • It seems as though sex, drugs, and rock and roll takes its toll. Black Sabbath used to hang out at Cradley in a large mansion and a few of the local lads from my home village of Colwall got to know the band quite well.

    Ozzy and Ian Gillan both had amaizing Rock voices and still get played in my house a fair amount.

    Rock on nowheeze and thanks again for that you tube treat.

  • Hi Tony So glad you had a great day with your family and the weather stayed good, me and Fran also had a great weekend so wanted to go to the Scottish cup final but could not get a ticket that could get me on ground level or 1 tier up, Fran says should have called in some favours like asking Scotty Brown Celtics captain to get me one as he owes me one as they say, Will keep this one if we get into the champion's league final sometime after my transplant, Keep safe Tony,MC

  • Nice blog Tony, especially the bit about your son. I have one of those. We tie a safety rope to the bannisters before going into his room. There is no telling what is lurking in there.


  • How great to have a get together Tony! Ahhh the BBQ - those were the days! We tend to just go to a few nowadays as Pete is not so keen on doing them himself. Mind you, we could get one of our sons to do it here I suppose but then Pete would find it hard relinquishing control. Your son probably has great taste in music and is enjoying himself in the pit.

    We also had a good weekend and saw our lovely grandson with his new shoes. He has just started walking and will be 1 year old next month. Where did all the years go and how come they went by so fast? Our three were little just a few years ago it seems. Stay well. xxx :)

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