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Took your advice and rang BLF helpline


best think I've ever done. By Friday afternoon I was struggling to breathe and feeling awful , but felt it was to late to ring the doctor. On the advice of so many of you on this site I rang the number for the BLF nurse. The nurse I spoke to was lovely and really helpful and she gave me some good tips. She also encouraged me to ring the surgery, something I wouldn't have done on my own. The long and short of it was the doctor saw me straight away and put me antibiotics and steriods. Been hiding under the duvet until now, but am feeling better already. Wishing you all a happy, breathe easy holiday. x

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Well done you,glad you are feeling better.hope you are enjoying the sun x

So pleased you took the advice - see we aren't all jokers and nutters on here some have sense :)

Hope you feel better soon



letys in reply to jandan

I'm enjoying all the jokes, and the chit chat. I'm even getting to know who's written what before I've checked who's sent it. Next thing I want to learn is how to put a smily face on my message x

pollyjj in reply to letys

just do a colon : and straight after that a bracket ) make sure there is a space if you have done a full stop.

If you hold your curser over nowheeze's smiley it will show you.

glad you are on the mend.

polly xx

letys in reply to pollyjj

hi polly, I'm going to give it a try, wish me luck :) x

yorkie70 in reply to pollyjj

Thanks Polly I have been trying to figure that out too. :) :)


Hi Letys, and I am delighted you found strength from the folks on hear urging you to ring the nurses. Sometimes we don't recognise how bad things are for ourselves, and you just needed that "second" opinion.

Hope you are able to enjoy this lovely bank holiday :) x x x

I'm glad you bit the bullet and rang. It's led to a great outcome and the prospect that you will get better more quickly.

Lynne xx


So glad you tookk the advice. We never joke around when you're in real need. Well not a lot. :p

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