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Would you like to rate your GP surgery?

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Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Maybe your surgery is excellent and you want others to know, or maybe they are not so good - the feedback they get may help them to improve their service.

Click ont he following link - pop in your postcode and find your surgery.


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Pity that only covers England.... us north of the border are feeling left out of this party :o

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Have they the equivalent in your area, , nowheeze. Strange if they didn't All the best, Annieseed.

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Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Sorry nowheeze

NHS Choices is for England only, i can't yet find a similar service for the other regions...... leave it with me and i will see if i can find anything.

If though anyone else knows how to access rating websites for GP's please put the link on.



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Hey, Jo, for me personally, I have no probs with my GP surgery or the surgery Respiratory Nurse... They've been super, now that I've been able to coherently describe my symptoms - all through the info on this site, I hasten to add. No longer being shunned off with repeat prescriptions, but Nurse so proactive in stabilising my condition through appropriate meds. Thanks :)

Sandra x x

Hey Jo

If i were to rate my GP i think i would rather die being eaten alive by a pack of wolves.



But still less painful than getting a single intelligent thought from my GP's.

Oh and the receptionists think they are all doctors over the phone.

Shall i go on?

hehe lets not.

It will make others want to join me in the queue for the wolves.

my GP service quite good but the receptionists are above themselves and have been known to give patients the wrong interpretation of test results, they are not qualified to do that so should not be attempting to do so.

My advice to any patient get results of tests after speaking directly with your GP or Consultant. Never accept them from a receptionist.

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Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation


If you're in England rate them - you can leave additional comments!

May change things for the better!



My surgery is great, as it should be,thanks for the chance to say so.D.

Hi Jo

Thank you for letting me have the opportunity of saying what I feel about the attention and care I have received from my GPs surgery.

I think that I am very lucky with the care I have had from the Doctors at my surgery. The last time I pitched up at the surgery, one of the doctor's spent two hours trying to find out what was wrong with me.

If I have to wait long past my appointment time then I am quite accepting of that. Sometimes patients turn up and need to be treated urgently.

Thanks again Jo



The last time I went to my former surgery in England was soon after I had moved abroad and I wanted to inform them of the RAST test results I had got from a western European hospital following severe allergic reactions (throat, skin, breathing, nose etc).

The doctor replied that he'd never heard of RAST and suggested I go home and copy the results out in alphabetical order.

I have been under German and Belgian medical care for ages now and although I'd like to move back to England at some point, the idea of British health care terrifies me.

That surgery was in Surbiton, Surrey. I won't name the doctor but I remember who it was. I will never forget!

Thanks for this I have rated my GP as I am one of the very lucky ones they give me 5 star treatment Best wishes Julie

I Think Thats A Question With Out A Answer Really .... Like What Is A Surgery With Out A Doctor ?

So Yes My Surgery Is Very Aseptically Pleasing .... But Its Those GP's That Let My Surgery Down

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Hi Jo

Thanks for the link to this. I am one of the lucky ones who has had excellent support from all the staff at our local GP surgery and am happy to them the full five star rating.


Hi Jo, good link thanx. we are asked to leave our email, I know we can tick to remain anonymous but I still would feel uneasy after saying what I truly think about my surgery !

It is all glossy, spacious and modern but what is the good of that when the respiratory nurse there does not know what a "pep device" or "acapella" is ?... both essential items for clearing mucus from lungs, she would probably treat me for insanity if I showed her my lung flute !

I had to explain to her how I "drain" my lungs each day, she was unable to assess me for hypertonic saline and could not give me a prescription for it. I came out as breathless as I went in, still with lung spasm, she did increase inhalers but this did not help.

will add, I'm ok now after paying a private physio to give me cupping with pd. and I put sea salt & sterilized water in my nebuliser at home.

Also they have refused in the past to give me a flu jab, I have bronchiectasis and asthma, they said bronchiectasis is not copd so it does not apply !!


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A Wouldn't Worry About It A Was Not Anonymous .... And Even If The Delete Your Comment Like Mine Was It Was Still Looked At It

But Have Seen NHS Choices Website Has More Information Than It Did So That In Its Self Is A Good Thing

Anyway Hope Things Improve For You

All The Best

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Thanx dazis, will leave a comment then, and write a polite letter to my gp to explain some things they could do to improve treatment for people with lung conditions, I got very good at lung clearing now, it's keeping my bronchiectasis under control reasonably well but I still go downhill quickly quite often, then my cough sounds horrific and I get very breathless.

Hope you are managing too... it's a rite game isn't it !!...


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Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Hi Everybody

I hope you are all well today - the weather here in Liverpool seems to be getting a bit brighter - so maybe there is hope yet!

We have had some really good comments here , it is good to see that some people are getting a good service but equally it is sad to read there are people experiencing problems.

If you are unhappy (and i know this is easy for me to say) but you don't have to put up with it - if you don't feel able to challenge the surgery directly or through the PALS service then you are well within your rights to change GP.

Remember you have a right to proper healthcare and support without judgement.



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Yes Is Ridiculous All The Numbers Have Changed .... Local Health Authorities Are Using Premium Rate Number

Others Don't Work Like Really ... Am I Going Ring 999 One Day And They Will Be Premium Rate Number Too

I Phoned My Local PALS Service ..... After Two Hours Of Trying To Get There Number And It Was On Daft Answer Phone

Left A Msg About The Carry On With My Doctor And The Vindictive Spiteful Way's

PALS Phoned Me Asking Me Did I Want To Speak To A Mental Health Nurse

Like Really Are They Funded By ATOS And Is That What They Call Patient Liaison Service

Thanx Jo, love Liverpool, lived in Crosby when I was young.

My GP and all the staff at my glossy new surgery are very nice people... . the problem is their knowledge about lung conditions, they smile but are unable to give lung clearing instructions and pretend (embarrassment ?) not to hear horrific, productive cough.

Even a little lad in the waiting room showed more concern, came up to me and asked "have you got lung cancer?"

They are good at handing out antibiotics non stop but are perplexed when I explain about the side effects.... why are GP's allowed to prescribe antibiotics without also prescribing a good quality probiotic ?... why do they still not know that 75% of our immune system is in the friendly bacteria in the gut and their ab's are killing them off !

Little is known about inhaled ab's that do not enter the gut.

Will it be any different with another surgery... somehow I can't see it, lung conditions are given very low priority from people who can breath ok. they don't know what it feels like and they can't see inside our lungs.... so they believe we are fine !


my gp is horrible, she never listens to what you are saying. never really interested. just goesstraight on the computer to give you inhalers.dosnet matter if there is some thing else wrong. she dosnt want to know .I have complained on my docters website.

Hi Jo

I cannot praise my surgery enough, my doctor is wonderful and will spend time with me as I find it awarked to express myself, im afraid I donot recognize when I am ill.


I have submitted our feedback. We now have a respiratory nurse and we have more faith in her that our GP.


thanks that's interesting.

I thought my GP practice were quite good but it's 3 stars rated - less than the practice in my own street that everyone I know who attends it finds appalling.

I have rated the surgery I use as they are brilliant with me and I don't have many complaints.

The one point they make, which seems oh so true, is that the ones giving bad reviews are those who argue about their treatment and are abusive towards the staff. This makes the staff less willing to help that particular patient, and a vicious circle appears until one or the other gets fed up and that patient moves on to another doctor, another area, or is taken off the list for some reason.

I've always said that if you're not happy with your GP then find another. The local NHS PALS should be able to help. I did that when my previous practise messed me about, and I'm very happy with the practise I go to. I've been with them for 19 years now. :)

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Very True Grodon ... Is Hard Walking Away From Injustice ..... Everyone Does That 4 DLA Claims Refused Because My Doctor Did Not Disclose My Medical History

Then You Have ATOS Not Even Looking At Your Lung Xray Clinical History ... Then You Have Pals Asking Me Do I Need To See Mental Health Nurse

Like Really

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koala in reply to Gordon57

I can imagine that some of the people giving bad ratings are as you describe, but I do believe there are some bad doctors out there too. The patients cannot always be blamed.

From my own experience I know there are wonderful doctors but also completely useless ones. I have mostly met truly great doctors, but nevertheless two of them stick out in my mind as appalling. I think it is good they get rated as well as the wonderful doctors.

An example of a terrible doctor: I went desperate for help to be told it was in my head, so the following day I went to a lung doc who after tests diagnosed whooping cough and asthma severe enough to kill me. He wanted the GPs phone number when he heard what had been said, he also printed out my results to show the GP, whose response was, "oh well, I can't know everything" which I accepted as his apology and never went back.

koala x

I move house two years ago and had to have a new GP. After 30 years at the former surgery I find the new one so much better. The previous surgery was so used to me that that always assumed I was having the ;'usual' when I turned up. They never thought outside the very limited box know as lungs.

Since 2003 I have been a volunteer with what is now called Heathwatch. A very educational way to find out what is going on with the NHS!

it seems my doctors really think I'm alright and there is no need for them to concern themselves .Life has got so much worse for me, I live alone, I have oxygen at home which was prescribed by a hospital .I used to have check ups at the hospital but this hospital now has closed many departments one being the lung department. Its got to the point where just going out to my kitchen and making a cup of coffee is a problem, I'm so out of breath. Its got to the point where I have been phoning my repeat prescription maybe about 4 times. But this time the receptionist phone me and said that doctor would like to assess my medication and wants to see me, I was in the surgery last month and the month before that! .Why wasn't an assessment made then? .The surgery is about 500 meters away but I still drive there and back .So why cant they understand going to surgery is something I have been trying to avoid. I am literally so worried not that I cant get there, I can ....but not without the misery and inner pain I'm so angry about this .So depressing. ....... I know moan moan moan .... boo hoo :)

No go for people with chronic disease,can't even have an app.no help at all.

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