Air Liquide - Unfit for Purpose

After my exertions on Friday with Gordon, I've been waiting for delivery of my portables today, so that I can get out of the house and take my 89 year old father shopping. Not for the first time with this company, I've waited all day and nothing has happened. Out of desperation I rang them at 4:45 pm to find out where my delivery was, and all they could say was we've got you down for Tuesday? Why I asked, when we agreed you'd deliver on Monday, when I rang you last Friday? They've had a problem with stocks, he said. Do you mean you've had a stock problem? I asked. Yes, it looks like we ran out but should be ok for tomorrow. Wonderful. What a great service. Another day wasted waiting for a delivery that may or may not come. This company has no order tracking, no proactive customer care. Nothing. I wouldn't buy washers off them if I had a choice. Welcome to Camerons NHS 2013. Nye Bevan would be turning in his grave.

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  • Let me get this right - they put you in the stocks for ringing up...? erm...

  • That's outrageous, when it's something so necessary to your life. Bad enough when you get messed around over something not so important. Hope it comes tomorrow.Libby

  • Hi can you not BOC.

    Or a combination of both?

  • My friend complained to his local MP He came to visit them on Saturday and has taken their case on board,They to were told that they had run out of stock!!

  • It would be my first thought to let my MP know too.

  • Thanks for all your helpful comments, if only this damned company cared half as much. The real frustration is that the previous supplier Air Products were wonderful and couldn't do enough for you.. How can an oxygen supply company run out of oxygen? If they were selling microwaves I could go elsewhere but I'm now housebound until they deign to deliver my order. It's a year to the day that Air Liquide started the supply contract for this area and I doubt if they've fulfilled 40% of my orders to the contracted schedule. Still someone will have saved a few quid no doubt, should go some way to funding the rumoured 20% hike in MP's salaries. And don't forget we're all in it together. I should be happy my concentrator is still chugging away. Hang about let's not tempt fate!!

  • I've never had a problem with Air Liquide but I think different areas get different service, know it shouldn't be but does seem to be. Have you looked into having a refillable portable cylinder, mine is a Helios, and a large tank to refill it from. The tank, called a dewar, is kept in a shed or similar outbuilding and you fill the tank from it. It has a row of ten lights on top and when you get down to three you ring for a replacement but still have at least a weeks supply in there. I don't know if you would need a new HOOF for this. Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • Carole, thanks for your helpful suggestion, I will look into this when I get more time and may mail you for further info. One problem I am noticing now as I'm into my 4th year on oxygen is that the so called portable cylinder is becoming quite heavy to lug around. Back in 2008 I could throw one over my shoulder and barely notice the weight but now as the disease progresses it's a bit of a struggle and works against the benefit of the oxygen. How heavy are your portable refillable cylinders?. i will do some more research on these and discuss them with my Oxygen assessor who has kindly phoned me and asked me to explain the problems I am having with Air Liquide. It seems I'm not alone in this area, but after discussing my problems she is going to send me an appointment for a new assessment in case they need to up my ambulatory oxygen. At rest on the concentrator I'm fine on 2l/min but very exercise intolerant. Having said that they did deliver nice and early this morning after I lost my rag with them yesterday but I don't like having to do that - it shouldn't be necessary.

  • You are welcome to ask me as many questions you like. I find the Helios heavy but I am only a wimpish woman, I use a rollator to put it in if I am going far and I find that helps me to walk further as well. I am waiting to hear from my respiratory nurse as I read on here that you can now get a portable concentrator on the NHS. will let you know how I get on. Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • I sometimes have a problem with air Liquide a couple of times I have ran out of oxygen for my Helios once because I was I'll and forgot to order but they wouldn't do anything cause I have a concentrator. I kept saying to them that doesn't help me if I have to go out but they just didn't want to know

  • I've been having the same problems with Air Liquide. This week they have really excelled themselves, and cancelled my delivery 4 days on the trot without once phoning to let me know. They claim they "don't have enough stock". I have to say the call centre staff have been helpful though, and they finally managed to get one of the emergency guys who had a couple opf cylinders to deliver this evening to at least get me through the weekend.

    In the 3 years I was with Air Products they never let me down once, I wish I could be back with them.

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