Yep B4 You Say It B12 Again ... But This Time Scientists Unravel B12 / GA 101 Secrets

Yumi Al Have To ..... Please :O Vitamin Microbiology could combat cancer as professor martin warren and is team of scientists unravel B12 secrets :)

B12 Novel variant forms of the vitamin will act as important new drugs to treat diseases such as cancer and infections tuberculosis (TB)

In a development that may lead to new GA 101 drugs to treat cancer, scientists at the University of Kent have discovered the process by which a key vitamin (B12) is made in cells and the team’s research paper an enzyme-trap approach

Congressional Testimony On Benefits Of Vitamin B12

Susan B. Shurin, M.D.

Deputy Director

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

National Institutes of Health

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  • Thank you Daz, very interesting. I have been taking vit B12 since Wednesday. I also have ordered some N-Acetyl-cysteine from local health food shop. As we are in the sticks it may take a while. I am all for trying to help myself ESP when docs are v slow or seeming to be unhelpful. Keep the studies coming. It will help our understanding. :-) Alison

  • Cheers - A Don't No Much About N-Acetyl-cysteine Hope You Find B12 Of Benefit Like I Have ... But Do Always Tell Seek Further Advice From Your Doctor

  • N-acetyl-cysteine is supposed to help to do something to minimise scarring. I have lots of scarring so i have decided to give it a go. Not much point talking to doc yet as there is still no diagnosis. They just want to monitor. I have an eight year old little granddaughter who I am responsible for. Waiting is not really an option; I have to try and work it out. Seeing consultant again 10 or 11 May so i will probably discuss it with him then, depending in what he says first. I have so much to ask him but mostly I want a referral to Royal Brompton so i can at least find out what is making me feel so rough all the time and absolutely rotten some of the time. Hopefully, they will have come across other people with the same condition. They may even have ideas about how to treat me - nt just wait and see. By the way I think B12 makes sense as it is good for blood production and at the beginning of this illness I was extremely anaemic. Doc did nit investigate why!!! Why do you take B12 every other day? Does it have side effects? Hope you sleep well. :-) Alison

  • Hi Yes Will See My Doc About Scaring To As It Causing Me My Heart Problems ... That Was Next On My List

    Glad We Have Been Able To Help Each Other Out ... Thanks For Rerply :)

    O Ye A Only ?Take B12 Every Other Day Only Because When I First Took Them I Got Like A Rush Oxegen Rush Up My Neck Head ...

    Been Ok But Thought What Was That Like Rocket Taking Off Thought One Every Day Might Be Tad Much After That

    Cheers All The Best Thanks :)

  • WOW! I haven't had a rush of anything for a loooooong time. I'll probably take one a day for a week or two and see how it goes. I too have PH so concerned about trying to reign back the scarring. It is great to have people to bounce ideas off. Thank you for all your help. Good luck :-) Alison

  • Hi Yes Lol ... Is Great Being Able To Bounce Ideas Off Each Other And Group Members

    I To Am Looking To Reign Back It To ... With A Bit Of Luck Proffers Will Get Is Finger Out

    But Yes Defo Look Into That Scarring Drug .... Cheers All The Best

  • Good info Daz, always found B12 useful especially during the winter months in my youth to help ward off the winter blues and enliven the body. :)

    I was advised at that time to take a good vitamin B complex at the same time as the B12 to help absorb it.

  • To Be Honest Ad Never Tried Them ... But Was Doing Lots Of Reading As It Not Just Me But My Dad Too He Suffered Chronic Heart Failure 3x And As Left Him With Early Stages Of Alzheimer's

    No If I Would Of New What I Do Know He Would Of Been On B12 Long B4 As They Could Not Find Any Cause Chronic Heart Failure ... But I Did Try And Narrow It Down And I Found Out Is As Something To Do With With Is Body For Some Ression Not Getting Nutrients Out Of Food

    And Only Thing A Could Think Of Is B12 Deficiency Obviously Am Just Speculating But Have Seen Is Temperament Improve ... So He Feels Better Still Forgets But At Least Is More Happy - And Am Not Doing To Bad Really

  • okay,okay I believe you! Started mine a few days ago Daz (to add to the vit D3, Vit C + zinc, echinacia) I'ma rattlin' so watch this space :D

  • Just Don't Tip Up :) They Will Go Everywhere .... Hope You Start Feeling Better Soon :)

    All The Best

  • When I was at the dr on thursday she gave me a B12 shot. I'm to have 1 a week for 4 weeks. I'm hoping at the end of the month I'll have a bit more energy.

  • Great Nothing Wrong Proactive Doctor ... Nice One :)

  • I have also started taking a B complex one a day tablet, should I also take a B12 tablet on top of that?


  • I was taking B complex but since Wednesday I have just been taking B12. I'll let yu know if I have sudden bursts of energy :-) Alison

  • What Can A Say ... If You Have Out Like Me Best Watch Out World :P

  • I look forward to that. Oooooooo! :-)

  • Yumi :P A Think :)

    Cheers All The Best :)

  • Hi Psorias I Only Take B12 Every Other Day ... B Complex I Don't Take As A Think B12 Is In It But Of Lesser Value ?Than B12 On Its Own

    Me Personally A Would Take One Or Other But I Would Inform My Doctor In Any Case .... Can't Really Say Much On B Complex As It Was Only B12 A Was Interested

    Cheers :)

  • Oops ... look at BlakeyC comment above. Apparently we should take B12 and B complex. Where did I put that bottle?.. :-) Alison

  • yes that is what made me ask - but I would have thought that would give too much B12 ... can you overdose on it?

  • A Would Stick To One Or Other ... Or Rotate ... But Would Not Take Both Together Just In Case .....

    Cheers :)

  • Hi psorias, don't know f you can overdose but dazisnotsogood had some sort of rush - sounded quite exciting but then I lead a very quiet life these days! You could always take 1 every other day as Daz does and see how it goes. I too take a cocktail of pills - vit C, D, cod liver oil, magnesium plus the doc's cocktail of omeprazole, mometasone, cetirizine, Asacol, thyroxine, Ventolin and Seretide. Think that's all at the moment! B12 and B complex. Think I can manage that. Soon I won't need food. If that is the only way I can function - so be it! :-) Good luck. Let us know how you get on. :-) Alison

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