What are you smuggling?.............See if you can guess HealthUnlockders

...............................................What are you smuggling

...A young man comes up to the border on his bicycle.He has two large bags over his shoulders.The border guard stops him and says,''What's in the bags?''

''Sand,''answers the young man.

The guard is a bit skeptical and asks the young man to turn over the bags for inspection.

The guard empties the bags,but finds nothing in them but sand.He detains the young man overnight and has the sand analyzed,only to discover that there is nothing but pure sand in the bags.The young man is released and ptomptly ridesacross the border with his sand bags.

A week later,the same young man presents himself at the border.The guard asks ''What have you got?''

''Sand ''says the young mam.

The guard does his thorough examination and discovers that the bags contain nothing but sand.He gives the sand back to the young man who then rides across the border on his bicycle with the sand bags.

This sequence of events is repeated every week for three years.Finally the young man no longer appears at the border crossing.Many months go by and the border guard sees the young man in a cafe.

''Hey''says the guard.For three years you were smuggling something through my crossing station.It's driving me crazy.Just between you and me ,what were you smuggling?''











The young man sips his coffee and says ''Bicycles''




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31 Replies

  • Nah get away with you!! It was a beach really eh?


  • I was thinking beach too.... :( got it wrong again....

  • That,l be to of us :) never mind we cant be perfect all the time :D

  • Sillywitch not perfect???That's a new joke!

  • Barbados nowheeze

  • Skeggy?

  • I would never thought of. bicycles in a thousand years, didn't even think of sand, in fact it was just too difficult for me.

    Lib x

  • I really will try to find something easier for you Lib x

  • I didn't bother thinking, left it all to you bright lot :)

  • I must admit,thinking is a little hard for some scrobbities!

  • Yes it is - I get brain freeze from ice cream !

  • That is new ailment in my book,is it treatable?

  • Paul Daniels the cyclist you will like this but not a lot :-)

  • That's magic!

  • :o O now I get it :) Nearly spilled my daily tonic :D

  • I hope there was nothing in it?

  • Only an ice cube left I'm a quick (drinker :p) thinker

  • OOOPS!!!!!!!! (drinker :P )

  • Sounds like there was something in it! Naughty codber?

  • I thought he was smuggling a beach too. How wrong can you be? :-) Alison

  • There wasn't enough room on his bike for a beach,Go to the naughty step.

  • Can I move off the step now? I am very sorry I was so silly. Please can I, please ...

  • Don't let it happen again.Now go and enjoy yourself

  • It's an old one...but the old ones are the best aren't they? Thank for my morning giggle, now I hear coughing approaching so must leave my computer and look as if I am busy getting the old boys breakfast!!

  • I should be worried if I was you!

  • Caught me out . Joyce

  • I knew I could.

  • Still haven't lost your flare,didint expect that ending lol! xx

  • I am still full of?????

  • The version I heard was a guy leaving a building site everyday with a wheel barrow which was always searched but nothing found in it - and yes of course it was the wheel barrows he was stealing. Still as worried wife says the old ones are always the best ones. Afraid most jokes I know are too 'naughty' for an open access site .... so thanks koc for some clean jokes. appreciated.

  • I try to do just funnies but occasionally who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!

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