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Rehab today


I started rehab for the second time today. I got a lot more out of it than I did before. Probably because I am more receptive to the treatment. Not only was the excercises stretching but I felt safe enough to give it my all. The talk from the lung matron was excellent. Even the respiratory nurses at my surgery did not explain the whys and wherefores of the inhalers I am taking what they do and how I can best get the benefits from them Also the spacers and their benefits. Next session wednesday I bet my limbs ache tomorrow.



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Well done you :)

The talks are always very good and informative. Hope the limbs aren't too achey !

Pumanary rehab,,is great you will feel a lot better,,and be more confidant about your abilities at the end of the course...

I've just finished my second course too HannahMac and - like you - I feel I got more from it this time than the previous course.

I've also signed up for the follow-on exercise programme at a leisure centre near me :) The classes start in a week or so (after an initial assessment) and I hope to be blogging my views shortly afterwards :)

Keep on keeping on won't you ?


Hiya Hannahmac

I was due to start my PR today having had it put off several times. The last time was because I was still waiting for the portable oxygen. So this morning, having received the oxygen, I am all geared up to go. I went out to the car, about to slide into the seat and twang goes a muscle in my groin. I was not a happy chappie.

Still, I wish you all the very best with your course

Bobby xx.


Glad it went well for you HannahaMac, I start my first course a week on Friday. Sorry to hear about your twang Bobby, hope you can start your course soon :)


Well done hope the positive affects arrive not so long after the aches and pains of getting back into a routine make themselves known. Good luck and bless

Any side effects are outweighed by the positive.



Just started pulminary rehab, Enjoyed it, but to be honest we were too busy laughing and getting to know each other, and the instructor said we were far too lively !!! (good news eh? being called lively with copd) Roll on Wednesday for a good laugh, oh we did do some exercise as well!!

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