'Symptom Checker' onlne

'Symptom Checker' onlne

Last evening and this morning, I thought it would be a good idea to put my symtoms into a 'symptom checker' online. Wrong!!!!!

I think this was a bit mistake. My problem (other than shortness of breath) is swollen feet and toes that resemble sausages.

After answering the online questions as well as I could, I had a diagnosis of 'Hep C' or 'Cirrhosis'. I'm sitting here (writing to you) and thinking OMG!!!!!!!!!!

I am due to go to see my GP in a few days. Do I make myself look an absolute idiot by suggesting that I have destroyed my liver or saying that I may have Hep C or should I keep my mouth shut?

I think a drink is in order (lol).



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  • Have the bottle it won't make any odds now :D I think if you had hep c and cirrhosis of the liver we wouldn't be calling you Pepsi, more like the yellow peril, haha! Swollen toes could be a bit of water retention. :)

  • Hi Azaard

    Water retention? More like whisky and coke retention (lol).



  • Smiles ;)

  • Hi Annec, first the drink then the mouth shut I think. Wait to see what Doc has to say. Plenty of time to make yourself look an idiot after.

    Good luck,


  • I think you are correct! I'll keep my mouth shut.



  • HAHAHAHA,,You are so funny pepsi,,dont be daft,,did one of these once,,i was supposed to be dead,, LOL XXX :)

  • Hi Raptor

    Didn't you reinvent yourself after shuffling of the mortal coil? I bet being advised that you were dead gave you a bit of a shock. Phoenix.



  • I'd suggest telling the Doc you suffer from Insanity - for using an online symptom checker in the first place. You should only use those things when if you already suffer from hypochondria !

  • Hi Gordon

    I'll thing twice before checking my symptoms online in future.



  • You have the dreaded sausage toe itis - panic now ! NOT!

    Simply tell the doctor of your symptoms and let him work it out :)

  • Hello Scrobbitty

    I've had the swollen feet and ankle (just the left ankle) for over a month now and it is sooooooo painful. I did see the Doc a couple of weeks ago - I was in the surgery for about two hours!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't get a diagnosis but I did have photos of my feet put on the computer(!??!?!).



  • It's my left foot and left hand that's swollen. Perhaps I've got what you have too .... Hep C or Cirrhosis .... ???? Now, I think I can rule out cirrhosis, as I don't drink very often, and I certainly wasn't a wild child when I was younger .... oh, bother, I have had a very dull life! What a waste!!!

    You're lucky your doc took a piccy of your tootsies - mine brushed my swollen hand and foot aside....so it can't be anything important... :)

  • Swollen tootsies and feet are painful - bless x Photos on the computer eh? Hmmmmmmm - would ask about that! Above all, don't panic Mrs Mannering - brave the docs again and take a book this time or sing out loud, they will get you in much quicker to see a doctor then (unless you can sing well in which case they will leave you longer as you will be entertaining the other poorly people) :)

  • Pepsicoley

    Hiya Pepsi. I have suffered swollen feet and ankles for 7/8 years, mainly in my right leg And no, I am not pregnant. I take 2 Furesemide water tablets every morning and it keeps it under control. Might be worth asking your doc for some. Love, as always, from Bobby xxx

    PS Why have you got four feet? Are the little ones reserves?

  • Hi Pepsicoley - You did make me smile - that is just me. Put all the symptoms in and come up with a diagnosis I had not even thought of!!! I would ask the doctor though. Are you on any medication for high blood pressure - my husband has just been diagnosed (yesterday) with high blood pressure and the Doc warned us that the medication he is on can sometimes cause swollen feet?

    Do ask the Doctor - at least he might put your mind at rest! Take good care TAD xx

  • I get the swollen feet and hands on a regular basis, diauretics didnt work for me so my doc told me to basically get on with it!

    When my boys were little, after taking them to school, myself and a few other mums used to go for a coffee and the lady in the cafe used to have a bowl of cool water and a tea towel ready for me to soak my hands in to try and bring the swelling down bless her!

    hope you have more luck than I did

    Lyn x

  • I was frightened when I wasn't very well recently and a consultant at the hospital told me to see my GP.as it could have heart implications.

    I was in bed for a few days before I went to see my GP.he examined me and said ''no swelling

    did you say you had recently come off steroids?''.That had been the problem of my swelling.



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