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Summer Trip

Planning for our summer trip in June when last years trip was a washout, we were considering a stately home (with stairs and little wheelchair access something else as plan b needs consideration) with beautiful gardens with level pathways.

Age has given some of us mobility problems where should an aging group of heavy breathers venture for tea cake and fresh air weather allowing, suggestions please what do others do when flaming June is record amounts of rain.

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My husbands breath easy group went on a trip on a barge! which was quite fun and there was a fish and chip place just next door! Good Luck! TAD xx


What part of the country was this TADAW I am sure our BE group would love that.

polly xx


A river trip (Windsor) was relaxing the town was very busy with tourists from around the world visiting the castle. The river was on flood alert slowing the boat down which nobody minded having extra time with the views.


Hi Greyvote

Wherever I go it pours down with rain so my tips wouldn't be much help. Best of luck with your search though. Bob x


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