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Travel insurance?


I've recently been diagnosed with IPF and want to go on holiday abroad. All the travel insurances I've looked at so far don't recognise Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis as a diagnosis and offer other 'diagnoses' instead.Not sure what all of these are - I'm mildly affected at the mo, but feel that I might be 'persuaded' to have to opt for a more serious condition - and have to pay a much higher premium . Any advice re good companies for someone in their late 50's who wants a world wide cover appreciated! Thank you!

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Hiya Rupertsmum

One thing to watch for when buying insurance, especially for family members, is that they won't be covered if you are taken ill before you go and they have to cancel. My wife holidays with my daughter and the company she uses is Good To Go insurance.Com. If I am taken ill they are both covered for cancellation. They also have a helpline that you can use to discuss your particular illness. Hope this helps a bit Bob x

I too was recently diagnosed with pf and have insured with All Clear for a year covering both myself and husband who has a pacemaker, however this is for Europe only. They did recognise pulmonary fibrosis.


Hubby has asbestosis and COPD and I have asthma, at Christmas we bought our travel insurance from Holiday Extras, 2 weeks worldwide for about £200 for both of us. Hope this helps, enjoy your holiday.

Thank you for info so far. . very helpful.....

Beware of giving false information to insurance companies, they note everything you say and share the information between themselves, so saying you are worst than are might lead to problems later when you try to renew. Also if you are taken ill while on holiday it gives them an excuse to wriggle out because you did not declare a known illness. I think BLF know who to talk too.

Hi Rupertsmum - My name is Rachel & I work for Free Spirit Travel Insurance. I have checked with our medical screening team and we are able to cover this medical condition, however it would come under Pulmonary Fibrosis. However each Insurer would take their own stance and I cannot comment on other products. We are able to cover the majority of medical conditions and disabilities are were the first scheme of its type on the market. I hope this information will be of use to you. Regards Rachel.

Thank you all for posting! Much appreciated!

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