I'm a failure

I was due to start my Pulmonary Rehabilitation course this morning but I woke up feeling like death warmed up. I phoned them pleading imminent death and they were very good about it. They have rebooked me for next week.

I was surprised to read the statistics on PR. The failure to turn up for assessment and the dropout rates are huge. I will turn up next week and I will stick it out, provided the wife lets me live. She had to go to work on the bus this morning with the common people. I'm not going to hear the last of it. Bobby

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  • Ah Bobby you are not a failure, take it easy this week and get well. This week is just a blip, Next week ....the world is yours. :) Hope you feel better soon. :)

  • Can only say good things about P/R waited two months for a course but well worth the waiting. Chin up always next week :-)

  • Agree with psorasis ..stick at it when you feeling better. Sounds as if you have a caring wife. Xx

  • Hi,

    Next week it is, we have loads of positive feedback about the courses so keep us posted.

  • hahaha @ if the wife lets me live.

    lol @ the common ppl.

    Gr8 humour, keep it up Bobby

    Humour is a must when feeling ill.

    Ros x

  • Thank you Is4bell4. I always say if you can't beat it laugh at it. Bobby xx

  • Awe, you are gr8. Bobby.

    I went for tests this morning, feeling grim, and lo and behold, when I

    arrived found out that my appointment is not until Wednesday. Made the receptionist giggle when I said I may have alzheimer's and could I book an

    appointment for that.

  • If I was booked in for PR this morning I would have had to cancel, I felt awful after breakfast - sick, shivery, very low. Starting to get better. They must have alot cancel I would think you need to be feeling good to go to PR. Next week Bobby it'll be a walk over.

    Lib x

  • Cancelling appointments is one of my pet hates. My job involved visiting 8 - 10 customers a day and in more than 40 years I had to cancel less than 10 appointments. I was always pround of that record. I bet a lot of people can't say that these days. Bobby xx

  • You sound like my husband Bobby! Changing plans becomes part of COPD!! I am sure the nurses are aware of it and they always seem so sympathetic. Good Luck with the course - it really helped my husband. Hoping he can do it again soon! Take Care. TAD xx (PS can feel for your wife - it is very hard having to cope with the "common people")!!!

  • Ah, thanks for reminding me about PR... I'm still waiting to hear about the course I was supposed to have started in January. I've telephoned the hospital a few times now, each time they say that someone will get back to me, but they haven't :X

    So, I've just written a nice little letter to explain what's gone on so far, and express my disappointment. Enough of the one-way communication !

  • I must be a complete waste of space then Bob!!! I haven't even attempted to get on one, mainly cause I,m living in an area that has nothing close enough for me to easily attend,

    You go when you can & don't feel guilty for not going if you are ill,

    Hope you feel better soon xxx


  • Sorry to hear you're having a rough day, Bobby, and I'm sure your good lady will appreciate you all the more after having to rough it with all us plebs on public transport!

    Chin up, and keep smiling x x :)

  • Sorry you missed it mate,,no worries,,hope you feel better soon,,, :)

  • No worries - I missed a couple at the beginning due to reaction of a drug - the were so lovely and I have been going ever since. Will miss another next week whilst on holiday. You will enjoy it when you do go.

    Gordon you must be so frustrated - they do seem unusually disorganised for pul rehab.

    Love (one of the common people)


  • Feel the same way as you today, I was going to join slimming world with my sister but had to drop out have yet another cold thingey going on. Will definitely go next week.

  • i hope your wife drags you there next time hehehe. you are not a failure at all , far from it its a big hard step to take even more so when you don't feel up to it. john cancelled 3 times before he went so . long as you are feeling better today then that's a start . tc x

  • Hi Bobby i missed a few classed but they were very kind to me they know that we have bad days. I am so bad in the mornings and cant go anywhere but my classes were in the afternoon, but when i had a real bad day i rang them up and let them know, they do understand take care and do not stress yourself out, u will get there yvonne

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