pneumonia can anyone advise me

i have COPD like many others on here and i have had the flu jab by the nurse at my gp but have been given a precripton to get something from my chemist so to take this back to my gp so the nurse there can give me my pneumonia jab???

but every chemist i go to they just say they dont have whats on my precription untill october time so do this mean that i could not get pnemonia untill winter is here and when i have this pneumonia jab do this mean i could not get pnemonia because i know that you can still catch the flu even when you have had a flu jab

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I can't answer you! - how unhelpful ! - but perhaps you could ring the BLF helpline they might have the answers for you. Take care. TAD xx

I had my pneumonia jab last summer, as soon as I was diagnosed, so it seems a little odd. My GP carried their own stocks though, so I didn't have to get it from the pharmacy.

As others say, the BLF might help or ring your GP to explain. Maybe a bigger chemist would carry stocks of it?

Lynne xx

yes have been told this by someone else thanks lynne i must check this out so will phone BLF

My own surgery carry there own stocks, and i get an appointment sent every year to have mine, never been sent to chemist to get the script and take it back to the nurse, odd

Hi, you can still get pneumonia after having the vaccination, I did. It seems silly they say they won't have it until October as it's a once in a lifetime jab, not a yearly winter one like the flu jab. They used to say every five years but then changed their minds! Like Lynne says, trying ringing Boots or a large pharmacy to see if they have it, if they don't, I don't see why they couldn't order it in for you.

thanks libby i was told 5 years then told it will last for life but then started to worry thinking am i being told it will last me for life has they dont think i will last 5 years

stupid i know but i do worry and sometimes over stupid things

They now say it last for 10 years.

Lynne xx

That's worrying Lynne, it must be that long ago since I had mine. I wish they'd make their minds up! Will ask the nurse if I need a booster next time she comes. Libby

You're worried? I had my pneumonia jab 15 years ago, and I too was told it would last for life .... Daughter has just looked it up and it now says 5-10 years.... Making appointment to see doc to get this information clarified. Sandra

NHS Choice states as below, but worth checking with your gp as people seem to be being told conflicting things by their gp, as usual!

Booster doses of pneumococcal vaccine

If you are at increased risk of a pneumococcal infection you will be given the PPV vaccination just once and, generally, this will protect you for life.

However, if your spleen does not work properly or if you have a chronic kidney condition, you may need booster doses of PPV every five years. This is because your levels of antibodies against the infection will decrease over time.

again thanks fo this libby..still trying to get vacine to get it done the chemist seems more helpfull then my gp has they are phoning round to order it

hi sandra are you saying since you have had COPD you have not had pneumonia for 15 years if so that sounds good

Hi Music, I had pneumonia 15 yeas ago and was told I'd become asthmatic. I've never had an asthma attack, just a progressive shortness of breath. Saw Nurse last week, she handed me a book on COPD. Getting sent for more tests.

I have not had pneumonia in 15 years, correct.

thanks wheeze for info

I was exactly the same! They said it will last you your life time, then said five years, don't know how else we were supposed to interpret that really! Anyway, we are definitely not stoopid! I am sure we are not the only ones who thought it either! Jx

i had the jab a few years ago, but i "caught "pneumonia while i was in france ,when i got home i asked my practice nurse why i had caught it when i`d had the jab , she said it`s like the flu jab there is different strains of it ( i must have caught french pneumonia), i haven`t pursued the matter any further ,maybe some one knows if it`s true or not. i was also told one jab lasts forever

Hi Whit, there are many different strains of pneumonia and the jab doesn't necessarily protect against them all. Re how long the jab last, see above. Answer, not sure!! Libby

i shall ask next time i see her.

keep laughing to myself about french pneumonia..thanks for info whit

I have had the jab but I have only just got over pneumonia.

Not sure if the jab is enough for those with COPD?

Ros x

I asked the nurse a couple of months ago, and she told me the flu jab is every year; pneumonia every five years. Gina

thanks gina

Hey I had the flu jab and the pneumonia jab and I still got it again i been told by my consultant and nurse to take medicines in winter . I told them i keep getting pneumonia during summer they said they need to discuss about taking it in the summer but i have not been told anything yet. Got an appointment to see consultant in 4 days .

Get well soon x

Please let us know what your cons says regarding the pneumonia vaccine. Thanks P

Pete had his pneumonia jab years ago and has been fine so far but the flu jab is every October so maybe some confusion there. Hope you get things sorted out soon as the pneumonia jab seems like a good one to have. Take care. xx

thanks sassy x

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