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My G.P. is a star!

Trip to G.P. today for rescue meds, Ventolin and advice. Ended up with rescue meds, Ventolin, auntybee's for yet another urine infection, pills for possible Reynauds and blood tests for 'thingy' - actually four 'thingys' (her words not mine!).

She told me I was not an 'eco' patient as she handed me four separate prescriptions which she informed was deliberate so I would feel as though I had got value for money. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she insults me constantly - if she leaves I shall cry!

I know I am very lucky with this one, so here's an official thumbs up for a G.P !

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That s lovely to hear. It's a rare situation.

Lynne xx


It surely is - unfortunately because she is so good it's quite difficult to get an appointment unless you go the emergency route.


My GP is brill too, I live in dread of anything happening to take her away, I,m pretty sure either she or a member of her close family is very sick & I pray for them every night, Good GP,s are as rare as hens teeth

Hope your tests come back clear for you scrobbitty

Karen xxx


Awww thanks - and fingers crossed for your G.P. At least if I have 'thingy' it's better than the G.O.N. that I had - quote 'God Only Knows'! (That was to do with having ever so, ever so, ever so sore fingers when I worked as a temp at my local bank when pregnant - they too did multiple blood tests, including HIV for some unknown reason! Still have it now if I type too much!) :)


It could be nerve pain? my fingers are sensitive & I have a cyst on the root end nerves on my spine!!!!!! bit weird but hey that,s me all over :D It also affects my arm, neck, head & back so you really dont want that!!! stick with G.O.N

Karen xxxx


Yikes!! Nah sticking with the G.O.N thank you very much, but joking aside - ouch and sympathies x :)


Mine is ace too. I saw him in the street the other day and he stopped and chatted and asked how I was doing. He professes to be a 'general practitioner' so I know he relies on me a fair bit if I'm seeing him about my specific condition.

I know I must be lucky - they seem to be in short supply on this board. :-(


They do don't they? Really sad when you hear of the 'stinkers'. My G.P makes up for the registrars that I see - next to useless! :(


mine is excellent and so is the GP who has just joined the surgery.


Now that's just greedy having two of 'em ! :)


My GP is one the best I have ever had.

Nothing is to much trouble, he even fits me in when fully booked.

Fills me with confidence with his manner as well.

Think but for him I would have given up the week after he told me I had COPD.

The only down side is he complains if I haven't seen him for more than 4 weeks.

Keep telling him I only go when I need to, as some folk are really ill and need his attention more than I do.

I only have COPD and heart failure,neither need a doctor to advise me about them when you got this place.


Only? Nearly fit as a fiddle then ! We wish :) It's just wonderful when they fill you with confidence, it's hard enough to deal with everyday rubbish so great medical support is a big part of the coping.


I see two GPs

He is a bit abrupt but very thorough

She talks for England and is very good at the comforting chat

I think it is too easy to slag of the 'professionals' that we expect to look after us at various stages of our lives e.g.



social workers

If it was that easy then we would be queuing up for their jobs!

some may be better than others but that's true in all jobs isn't it? like some cooks are better than others and so are some taxi drivers ... believe!!

I believe that 95% of the health professionals , teachers and social workers I have come across mean well ... they do what they do because they want to make people healthier, more knowledgeable , more safe, secure etc.

We have to be positive about ourselves and the people for us and with us (I think ... maybe Ive ben lucky)

Izz x


I do agree that 95% of the health professionals mean well but unfortunately a few could do with a Charm School Course! I think you have been lucky and the great thing is that you appreciate them. :)


Great to hear appreciation of good support from GPs and other health professionals. The practice nurse phoned me this afternoon after being asked to arrange some tests and spent 20 minutes discussing my current exacerbation and has made a double appointment for with a GP tomorrow as she does not think the meds are working well enough and I need more help. What a wonderful lady!



Yes, she sounds a sweetie. I think a good practice nurse is worth their weight in gold and often don't get the recognition they deserve.


GP = Golden Paragon - if you are lucky

GP = Grandstanding Prat - if you are unlucky (I could have been ruder)

We have both at our practice but fortunately the one I see is brilliant


Now the thought of Grandstanding Prat vs. Jandan is just too delicious to contemplate! Me money's on you every time :)


Oh dear I feel spoilt now. My local practice has eight GP's and every one of them is brilliant. The practise nurses do bloods and dressings and routine flu jabs and stuff on the premises. A really great practise, the NHS as it should be. Bob xx


Are you sure they are G.P.'s and not just one good octopus? Compared to King (with two !) you are greedy cubed !! lol :)


Like phillips 1 my local practice has several GPs. I have my own favourite who is the one I always try to see. He always gives me as much time as I need, I never feel rushed. If he thinks I need referral then that is what happens, usually within days which says a lot for the regard in which he is held by the relevant consultants - he only refers people who really need it.

I've also seen most of the others from time to time and have always received the same courteous, professional and caring service. That's the ethos of the whole practice.

When I read on here of indifferent experiences which others have had I thank my lucky stars.


Keep thanking those stars :)

I am actually registered with the main G.P. in our practice who specialises in thoracics and although he is quite a calm, pleasant and reassuring man, I have to admit I respond better to my batty female G.P. The rest in the practice leave a lot to be desired; I have worked my way through them all and left unimpressed.

I have spent more time in the last three years at the docs than I ever have during the proceeding 50 (and that includes having Crohns Disease and being preggers) and I hate having to go there. However, needs must so I choose to see the batty one whenever humanely possible because at least I come out laughing! :)


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