really cant see this

was chatting to someone in the doctors waiting room who told me that he has had moderate COPD for over 20 years

can you stay at the one stage for so long or was he just trying to make me feel is nice of people to try make you feel good but would rather know how it really is... and is there anyone who have or knows someone who have been at the same stage of COPD for so long

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  • Once diagnosed, and with the right medication, why not?

    Lots of people on here report that they were diagnosed many years ago and have stabilised through being more aware of their condition and looking after themselves. If nothing else, slowing down the progression is a good thing by stopping smoking, using the right meds, healthy diet and exercise etc.

    I've no idea how long I've had COPD as I was treated for asthma for many years before my eventual diagnosis. I have both, so it wasn't easy to tell without proper tests.

  • I hope so, I'd be more than happy to stay at the stage I am and not progress!

  • Your lungs age like healthy lungs do, you just have to look after them a bit more and yourself as Gordon has said and you can have moderate COPD for years.

    Lib x

  • Well my husband has had it for years and is no worse (except when he gets chest infections) and our GP told me at the time that there was no reason COPD should get dramatically worse if he has the right medication and doesn't smoke. He hasn't got worse - but he has got older! AND he is not fit enough. I think you have to fight COPD - make sure you stay as fit as you can and enjoy your life! Take care TAD xx

  • I know a lady who was diagnosed 30yrs ago she gave up smoking from that day on, she is now 86, she still gets around in the home and has 12 cats and 2 dogs.

  • Hi Music

    My Dad had COPD for more than 20 years before he died at the age of 87. From the initial diagnosis until he died the condition did not seem to get very much worse. In fact, sometimes his health improved - due to his physiotherapy sessions which he had now and again (but he never kept up the exercise after the sessions!).

    Breathe easy



  • thank you everyone for the info makes me want to go out and excercise more but its strange has when i do feel good i still fancy a fag but never would now

  • My dad was the same as Pepsicoley's and he lasted to 84. I have had COPD for 11 years and it has remained fairly stable. Hope this helps. Bob

  • thaks bob

  • Here's a link that will help answer your question:-


  • My specialist says if you do the right things, your lungs will only get worse in line with normal ageing.

    So far, I have got fitter, don't smoke and I feel better.

    Lynne xx

  • All these answers sound really reassuring for someone like me who has only recently been diagnosed. I was wondering if the same can be said for Bronchiectasis as I also have this?

    Can anyone reassure me that I can stay the same as long as I keep not smoking and taking the meds?.Please.

    PT xx.

  • All these answers have made me feel loads better :) My GP said i had about 20yrs left IF i stop smoking, 12 if i don't. I've been worried that even if i stop i will get worse anyway so the extra 8yrs might be of 'bad quality of life' Defo feeling bit more positive now :D Thanks to all of you x

  • hi well im moderate copd il.l keep that in mind

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