link to individual illness and assessment

pleased to give this link to this forum, it gives all illnessess and what and how decision makers are supposed to assess medical benefit applications. these apply to p.i.p and dla and esa.

hope this is some help to folks

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  • have just read the report and if I have understood it right it says indefinite award. does this mean copd sufferers should be on sickness benefit.

  • Hi, it depends what level of emphysema you have, I didn't retire from work until I was at the severe level (then, around 30% lung function), I'd managed fairly well until then, although I had a sedentary job and drove to and from work. Hope that helps! Libby

  • Hi battytroll, thanks very much for that. Libby

  • Battyroll

    Thanks for that. It looks an extremely good site and I will extend my education with it. Thanks again. Bob

  • Battyroll

    Thanks, what a useful site, full of valuable information. I have saved it to my favourites for future reference.


  • Difference between asthma and copd makes more sense now thanks

  • Thank-you very much for that, very useful.

  • Very helpful. Thanks for that. xx

  • Thanks - that really will help my DLA application :)

  • Very helpful

  • Thanks for the postin


  • No problem if i find anything else i will post link for all, i have received lots of good links and advice on all benefits on Facebook sites the "people vs government, ATOS and the DWP" and "bedroom tax before the peoples evolution" not sure second site name right but first repost their status, this was where i got a link from and kept looking at different thing and found above site.hope they be as useful to you all as much as they have to me.

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