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Home in Debn..........'tis my county

..............Home,home begad.'Tis snawin'an' blawing'an'I be sneezin'an' barkin'an' me nawse gets nipped off if I aunly putts 'en outside the door an' the sky is black as thinder an' everything in the shops is dear as zuvrins an' they voretells 'tis gwain a be the wist winter o' the lot.

But 'tis home an' that's all I care 'bout ver the present

I've left the warm zin behine me fer a bit,zim-zo,an' I mus' zay I feels the cold more jewsive.If I aunly goes two enches away vrom the vire the ole gewse -viesh creeps up all ovver me an' me knees is knackin' together an' me teeth is chitterin'.

But 'tis home.

KOTC Proper Debn


Be gwain to git down to Breathe Easy.Tint rit not to.

Pick up that new fangled thing an' ask the operator to put e thru to BLF 03000 030 555

Mon -Fri 10am 6pm an'ask fer how can e join that there Breathe Easy thing that they be all gwain to.

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Blimey!! Oh my goodness!! Where is my spell check? Annie xx


Oh, Annie, I don't think spell check is going to help here. Why, even Google is having trouble translating!

It's at times like this you really wish you'd taken foreign languages at school. :)


AH your poor little nosey, you,re right though it,s damned nippy away from the warmth of a fire when we are not much more that hot house flowers nowadays!!! I,ll be glad when the wind warms up to a nice & toastie 22c no hotter though I cant cope in the heat as well as I used to :( never happy eh? xxx


Warm rice pud from Devon luxury :-)


Yeo Vale Dairies ,Lapford The aroma is just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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