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Thank you

Thank you all for your kind comments after my earlier blog. I'm off to see the consultant tomorrow, deep joy. But on the plus side she is a lovely kind and sincere lady. Madam, my wife, says she wants a private word with her, I suspect she wants to know what to expect as the end game slowly approaches. Who can blame her forewarned is for armed as they say. I'm sure she will tell me afterwards anyway. It's hard to keep a secret from someone you've been married to for 42 years.

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Hi slide, I just purchased a book called a handbook for mortals, which is written for people like us and those who are close to us careers, family. I shall make a start later and report back in a few days.

Good luck,


Spell checker or operator error slide = Baldie

Good Luck tomorrow. I can understand where your wife is coming from I did the same when my husband was ill and I would think it is because she doesn't want you to see her whilst she is asking the questions because she loves you



Good Luck tomorrow. I admire your wife having the courage to ask questions we dread. Take good care of yourself. TAD xx

Good luck Baldie,be thankful you have a wife that cares! xxx

Good luck tomorrow

love cx

Good luck tomorrow, Baldie. Give my warmest regards to your good lady. Like others, I've been where she's at and understand her anxieties. Take care x x

Good luck tomorrow and whatever is or is not said just go by the many optimists on this site God bless them who believe that you and only you know how you feel. Try to forget stages etc. I do and am grateful for each day good or bad. Being grateful doesn't

stop me from having a good moan now and then though and this site is the best place in the world for people who understand all our ups and downs. Love to you and your Madam xx

Good luck for tomorrow Baldie!

Liz x

Best of luck Baldie !

Good luck Baldie,be happy you have a wife that cares! Do let us know how you get on xxx

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