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Cardiologist appointment

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well I had my face to face appointment with the cardiologist on Monday !!! He said after all my tests my heart seems fine !!!! However Iam still getting palpitations!!!! He said I could come off Bisoprolol which is good. I asked him about my hiatus hernia as all the heart tests I’ve had have mentioned a large hiatus hernia, and was there a connection with my palpitations he said he didn’t know!!!! So any suggestions about what I do next please.

19 Replies

Hello :-)

I am so pleased you had your appointment and everything is fine except you are still suffering with palpitations

I am a bit shocked that your Consultant could not answer your question and I am sorry neither can I but others may be able to :-)

I would maybe go back to my Doctors and explain about my appointment I had today and the reply I got and ask where I could go from here ?

Good Luck I hope you get the answers you need and when you do you will let us know :-) x

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Thank you unfortunately my dr has gone on a sabbatical to Africa and isent back until November so it is now even more difficult to get an appointment!

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Hello :-)

That is not very helpful for you then but keep trying to get an appointment with another one as difficult as I know that can be because to get to see a Consultant unless you can pay private the only way that is possible is by your Doctor referring you if needed

Let us know how you get on :-) x

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Thank you

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:-) x

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Re.' your heart is fine' is not very informative. Hope the cardios letter tells you a bit more.'Maybe a consultant specialised could help you with the hiatus hernia. Tell you whether it needs surgery and if not why not.My husband did this.Apparently, keeping your weight down can also help.

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Have you had a tilt table test to look for postural tachycardia syndrome? The website has a lot of useful information on. It might be worth a look.

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Horse6 in reply to Jacey15

Thanks will have a look

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It's very frustrating, isn't it? I have a sliding hiatus hernia, it was 3 cm when I had a gastroscopy more than 2 years ago but I've no idea if that is large, small or average. It gives me quite a lot of grief and most definitely aggravates my AF. The cardiologist just shrugged and said he doubted that they'd operate. Well no they won't as despite ever increasing symptoms I can't get a referral to even talk to anyone. Surely that would carry less risk than any heart procedure? Well, what do I know, I'm just the patient.

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Horse6 in reply to seniorita

Trying to talk to anyone is getting harder and harder I’m sure my hiatus hernia is the cause of my heart problems but like you the cardiologist just shrugged when I mentioned it

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I think my hiatus hernia may aggravate it but I think the cause was something different. Having said that if the HH was less of a problem then I would have far fewer episodes of AF, and quite probably not need some of the drugs they insist on prescribing.I'm currently trying to lose another 30 lbs, and I'm going to start having home made veggie smoothies for lunch which will also incorporate those yucky veg that I won't normally eat.

I do find having small meals better, I divide what I plan to eat over 5 meals rather than 3, and sleep with a home made alternative to a foam wedge.

Best of luck.

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I have a small hiatus hernia. In my case there's a definite connection between my digestive system and how my heart behaves. If my digestive system is calm all is well with my heart. A game changer for me was eating my main meal at lunchtime with only a snack in the early evening so I can go to bed with everything OK. It will be interesting to see whether coming off bisoprolol makes a change for you. When I was on it it definitely gave me palpitations and it was a brilliant day when my cardiologist said I could stop taking it.

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Horse6 in reply to dunestar

Yes I’m sure the Bisoprolol gave me palpitations and they were far worse when I was on a higher dose. I’ve stopped taking them for 4 days now still have the palpitations but early days !!!!

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Hello Horse6,I read your post with interest. A year ago, I was on bisoprolol for 4& 1/2 months for blood pressure control.

I suffered a steep increase in previously existing but non-consequential ectopic beats. Bigeminy/trigeminy occurred which was very worrisome. Medication was stopped.

It took a few months for my heart to respond to the discontinuation of this drug, but eventually it returned to normal.

I now have rare ectopics. Bisoprolol is good for many- terrible for some! Good luck!

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Horse6 in reply to dicynth

Thanks for that I’m hoping everything will settle down soon

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hello there,

I hope you are well. I was just wondering how you got on with coming off bisoprolol.

I have a feeling I have a Hiatus Hernia but still working through with cardiac dr on tests.


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Horse6 in reply to TheBoys

I’m much better since I’ve been off the beta blockers. I mentioned to the cardiologist about my hiatus hernia but he said there was no connection! , My GP said if the hernia really bothered me I could go and see someone about it . I still think there is a connection with my palpitations and hiatus hernia . Hope you get some answers .

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TheBoys in reply to Horse6

hope so. I never made sense of my symptoms till recently. But am hoping it is the Hernia as that is less scary for me.

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its good your coming off the beta blockers. I found my lowest resting Rate BPM is 49. Which is low. I believe this is doue to beta blockers and the other cocktail of pills.

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