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Heart Failure post CABG, collaterals

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CABG is supposed to help us but i see most of us having heart failure post CABG. I knew that collaterals that we develop are like natural bypass and it protects us but in spite, of that I went for CABG and i have heart failure ever since. I regret that I did not take multiple opinions.

Wanted to hear if you have similar experience. Our thoughts might help some one to be watchful before going for CABG.

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Dear Seena2019

I understand that we are told in this country that CABG is performed to save your life and even though it appears to be a common procedure it is still a major traumatic operation that is never undertaken lightly.

You are certainly here explained all the problems and risks that could occur before you sign any form of consent.

As for the “heart failure” badge there is a move to have that title removed for at the best best it doesn’t describe anything definite and at the worse it scares people into thinking that they are going to die.

Heart Failure { to simplify it } just means that the heart is not working completely to its full capacity and there aren’t many that do, many are carrying around a condition that could fit into this category, they just don’t know it because they are showing no symptoms.

Take care and I wish you a speedy recovery from your operation

Most people having bypass surgery do not develop HF (there is a move to try and call it Heart Insufficiency I believe). Some do have it post emergency surgery where the heart attack damaged the heart muscle. An expert really needs to examine your medical history to determine the exact cause.

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Seena2019 in reply to Heythrop51

thanks Heythrop51

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