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I've recently been put on medication regarding my extremely high blood pressure my BP was 195 115 at one point but is coming down slowly but it is causing me anxiety and I am scared about something happening does anyone have the same extreme hypertension

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Hi I used to have those kind of readings about year and half ago and was put on amlodipine and felt it controlled at around average 125/90ish. But then I had other things starting to affect me and on more heart meds so it’s in the 130s but can be higher dependent on what doing re exertion / stress. If at this point you are only taking pills for hypertension then you are at a golden point to start making lifestyle changes - this is the single most important thing you can do . I didn’t make enough changes and not quick enough. You don’t have to be drastic make small changes to start wilt regards eating and exercise but what you put in your gob it most critical. British Heart Foundation as lots of advice and it’s not rocket science or complicated. BHF nurse didn’t tell me to make drastic changes but start to make changes. Your at a turning Point, wish I had done more. Oh and the more you worry the more your reading will be higher. Do you have a home monitor you can use to check morning and evening so you can keep a record and see how things are changing? Good luck

Thanks for replying I've drastically cut down on everything I do binge eating takeaways Am exercising daily am on perindopril and amlodipine its down to 165 95 not a lot buts its getting there am wearing a heart monitor Thursday to check as I do get numbness and pain down my left arm but doctor wasn't to concerned

That binge eating is the devil, sounds like your making the right changes, but keep at the doctor you know your own body. Sometimes tests don’t show anything but you may still feel how you feel, so keep asking. It’s hard but you have to work hard to push for your own diagnosis. Best wishes

Thanks for advice

Hello Cheltenhamguy

Thank goodness, you are one of the few who is making a big effort before you get heart etc issues. Well done.

Keep on keeping on and you will be so much healthier. The NHS should be funded to reward guys like you,

Do let us know how you progress.

What a reply thank you very much

I entirely agree with your sentiments regarding the OP. However in my view the NHS already receives shed loads of our money (£136bn and counting) but sadly appears to be unable to spend it wisely, or put another way wastes a lot through inefficiencies which could be put to much better use elsewhere.

One of the significant contributory factors to high blood pressure is body weight. If you are overweight or worse obese you will help yourself and your blood pressure by losing weight. There are many well publicised sensible ways of doing this but one big step is to cut out all unnecessary sugary snacks and drinks, including puddings cakes and biscuits, as well as savoury snacks like crisps., And if applicable cutting down on alcohol will also help.

I have kicked all that out I was 16 st 4 I'm now 15st 8 I've done that by sheer willpower and determination my height is 5ft6 I've been told my natural weight is 13st for my height

Whilst I applaud your recent efforts to lose weight in my view you are still far too heavy. Your current BMI is about 36 so again in my view you should be aiming for a BMI of about 28, and even then some will say that is still too much. A BMI of 28 equates to about 76kg (12st). Even at your current (lower) weight you still run the risk of heart disease, continued high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and musculoskeletal problems in later life, like shot knees and hips.

Yes it might be a struggle to carry on losing weight but in the long run it is definitely worth it. You will look and feel better, as well as the health benefits which on the surface are less obvious.

Finally for your info I am about your height and due to circumstances got to 83kg (13st) in Feb this year, my heaviest ever, then had a heart scare, and so have progressively lost 12 kg since then and I am now at a weight I feel comfortable with, about 71kg (11st 3lb). All just down to cutting out sugary stuff and crisps, less alcohol and more exercise.

So continue to lose weight at a steady slow pace, set yourself small targets along the waysay 3kg loss at a time, congratulate yourself when you pass each interim target, but above all don't lose sight of why you are doing it.

Dear Cheltenhamguy49

A warm welcome to you and your first post on the forum, we hope that it wont be your last and that the site can give you all the information and support that it is known for.

First, you are a complete star, you have listened to advice and have begun acting on it to help improve your future life {and you have so much of it to go forward into }

It is small step time and don’t worry about any failures, you are as human as the rest of us, concentrate on any positives that you achieve and very soon they will over take any of the negative ones that try to pull you back.

Whatever your vice is , be that takeaways, drinking, smoking etc until you recognise it or them, like you have done, then you have nothing to fight, but once you do recognise them, then let the battle begin.

And yes some days it will seem a great battle, some days you will feel alone with it all, then this is were we come in, to tell you you are not alone, to tell you that you will win this battle to a stage that you are happy with.

Thank you for telling us your story, you have so many years ahead of you to write so much more.

Take care

I've kicked drink I quit smoking a Yr ago I'm looking to get to 13st

I don't eat half as much as what I used to

But determined to get down to my target weight

Fantastic and very inspiring to us all, thank you

I had a similar hypertensive crisis to you and it took about 2 months for my SBP to settle down from stratospheric heights to around 128, my DBP has never been a problem. I'm on Amlodopine 10mg and Ramipril 5mg.I also had to give up caffeine entirely as I found it was a major cause of my high BP, I have minimised alcohol, walk at least 20 miles per week as well as various other exercise, keep my weight down though that wasn't a problem and eat healthily.

Very good luck with your hypertensive battle.

A few weeks ago I discovered quite by chance that my BP was even higher than yours - quite a shock! Lercanidipine has brought it down to much more acceptable levels, thank goodness. It’s not easy to get one’s head round the idea of lifetime medication but we have to be thankful such effective meds are available. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things so don’t waste energy worrying: get walking and eating good food and look forward to all the life you’re going to have now your health is getting better every day.

Wow what urs if u don't mind me asking

220/120 weird!

Wow and how did u feel I kept getting severe headaches which would last for ages so I went to doctors and they checked my BP and saw it

No, absolutely no symptoms at all so a complete fluke that it was discovered.

Wow-really impressed. Good for you !

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