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Looking for advice on stents please

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Hello everyone, looking for some advice please, my dad has recently been diagnosed with a substantially blocked artery and has been put on lots of different meds which have all mad him feel really unwell with side effects , they have advised him to have a stent but it is driving him mad whether or not to have this or just try to manage on medication because he is terrified of any medical procedures and has also heard that they can cause the artery to block quicker with a stent, so wondered if any one can give any advice on the stents which can help him decide please, he is in such a state mentally and don't know what I can do to help him, thank you and I send my best wishes to you all xxx

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You could try having a word with the BHF nurses. Obviously, most of us on this forum are no experts and not qualified to give advice. Reading back through other comments, stents do seem to be a common, routine procedure.If Your father is feeling poorly, could this be a result of his condition?

Thank you so much for your reply, talking to the nurses would help him a great deal I think, do you know how I could arrange that please, can I just ring the bhf and ask to speak to a nurse? Thank you again x

"If you have any questions or concerns, and would like to speak with one of our cardiac nurses, please do contact our Heart Helpline team on 0300 330 3311 Mon-Fri 9-5pm or email hearthelpline@bhf.org.uk"

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much x

It's ultimately his choice but stents are brilliant if they're offering them.

Had mine nearly 3 years ago after months (even years if I'm honest) of "losing fitness" and struggling with steps etc. Followed by a heart attack one Monday in work. Literally felt like I'd "anti-aged" 10 years within minutes of it being fitted.

2 weeks ago I ran a half marathon with it.

I'm so pleased it has helped you, thank you for your reply 😘 x

Try to explain to your dad that, as with most things online, for every person shouting about bad results there are likely several hundred who've has great results but are too busy getting on with their improved life to bother posting on the Internet about it!

That is such a kind thing to say and so true! Thank you I will x

Great advice!

What a brilliant reply you gave there. So wise and full of hope. We all need people like you to give truly balanced replies. Xx

Thanks :)

I'm just one of those few who had a good result but have no life, so hang around online anyway 🤣🤣🤣

Please hang around for as long as you want. Nice replies are so needed. I’m very happy to hear you had a good result. Did you have a heart event? I’m sure you do have a life , maybe not as interesting as some but who is the equator of that. For some people a great life is gardening or handicrafts. Anyhow it’s good to read uplifting replies given with such sincerity. Xxx

That was unexpected. You were playing games with me. Not only are you wise but you are getting very fit. I took the Liberty if reading your profile and you certainly do have a life. A very worthy one.Like you I had hA almost 12 months ago.

Have had quite a hard year but in comparison to others I’m still here.

All the very best to you xxx

😁 Well, I do have a life but it mostly consists of work, exercise, and playing with old film cameras when I get a chance 🤪

Absolutely agree that the good outcomes deserve more press though!




Thank you, that's fantastic news!

So pleased it has helped you, thank you for your reply x

Had 4 stents 4 years ago in left side (3 in LAD) Had a heart cath last week Dr. said stents looked like he put them in yesterday, wide open! Right side was 50% blocked now 60% but not enough for stent, has to be closer to 80%. Figure I have 10 yrs then I’ll get another stent and be done forever. Tell your dad no problem routine!

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Maisieandjess in reply to Mrvic

Thank you very much for your message, I'm so pleased the stents are helping you 😊 x

Stents are a piece of cake.. I've had 5. You lie down on a table, they play some music if you're lucky of your choice. A wire is fed into your wrist and you can watch the op on the big screen above you. It's almost enjoyable from an angle of fascination.The stents do give minor aches and pains whilst they bed in, but the procedure is nothing to worry about 👍😊

You almost make it sound enjoyable 🤣 thank you for your advice x

If you go into it with a positive attitude and make yourself focus on the benefits then it's quite an experience. I was fascinated seeing my beating heart on the screen and on the 2nd occasion had a good chat with the consultants about it. It's weird watching a wire go through your heart. I was just amazed at it all. Best thing is to try and remove yourself from it and enjoy watching the process if that makes any sense...

Personal experience. One stent for rheumatoid vasculitis. Very simple procedure that they let me watch on a monitor.“Heartburn” that I’d had for ages has now gone completely.

6 months later very glad I had it done.

Wow that's fantastic that it got rid of your heartburn too, my dad also suffers badly with that too, very pleased for you and thank you for your advice x

My heartburn was probably angina

Oh yes that makes sense x

Had 1 stent in lad last year following a heart attack, they said if I'd called the ambulance 10mins later I might not be here to tell the tale. . It was literally a 15 min procedure..the daily meds take some getting used to but it's routine now

Thank god you called when you did, glad you are doing well, thank you x

Food for thought for your dad eh ..yeah I'm doing ok thank you.. I missed all the cardiac rehabilitation due to covid leaving me with similar to pstd symptoms.. currently under physiological assessments at Warwick hospital but I'm getting there. Bit mad for a healthy 44yrs old as well

Hi there,

I understand your worry. I've had six stents put in during two angioplasties and as others have said it's a standard procedure often done during the day with the patient home by the evening. You can't drive for a week afterwards (more if you are an HGV driver) but apart from that it's quite straightforward. I hope your Dad goes ahead with it.

Thank you very much x

I had 5 stents inserted last October, and another 2 three weeks ago. My consultant told me the original stents are still in perfect condition, but detected some artery narrowing elsewhere so popped in a couple more!

Best thing that ever happened to me, I would probably not be here without them........

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Maisieandjess in reply to Dralex

Thankyou for all your helpful info x

Hi had three stents put in LAD in December prior to this was on medication from May the previous year. The procedure is very simple it doesn’t hurt and initial recovery is quick. Then you go into cardio rehab which aids the recovery. I’m a runner and I’m back running as good as I ever was. I’m still on the meds but hopefully these will get reduced 12 months after the procedure. I was nervous as never had surgery and the last time I was treated in hospital was about 30 years ago. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Hope this helps.

Thankyou that helps a lot x

Had a stent in 2014 I can honestly say I found the procedure less unpleasant than the dentist. Went in via 999 and 24 hours was cutting the lawn and feeling on top of the world, no issues since. Follow the expert advice, the ostrich approach will risk have a much greater risk of HA, stroke or worse.

My husband had a stent back in 2007 at the age of 58. He had a heart attack and the stent was inserted immediately. He was a funny shade of mauve-grey before hand and came back from the Cath Lab about 45 mins later looking really well and feeling good. His stent was still working fine when he had his second HA eleven years later, in 2018.Obviously it’s a personal choice but is now a well used and very successful, minimally invasive treatment. My hubby would recommend it to anyone who needed it done.

Best wishes to you and your dad. Jane

So glad your hubby is OK thank you for your message x

My husband had two stents which saved his life when he was 44 years old he also had medication which he has had to tweak a bit with advice of GP . He is now getting problems again and he is now 58 year old. He is waiting for an angiogram to see if he needs to have stents again. So we found the stents a God send.

Thank you hope everything goes well with the angiogram x

Speak to the BHF nurses with him listening if possible. I had two s tents after my heart attack with no problems. A lot of bruising the first time up my ar m but nothing teh second. He's obviously been listening to false information or has used google (NEVER use doctor google). I wouldn't hesitate. Stents can very occasionally block but it's not frequent.

Thank you for your message x

Please tell your dad to not to worry. Also if he wants to live longer, please go with the advice. Its the best solution for the heart problem that they would offer considering the situation. All the best and don't delay!

Thank you very much all the best to you too x

Go with the stent option. Most of us are still here because we did. I am not afraid to have the procedure again if it becomes necessary. My tiny metallic mate literally saved my life and I love him for it. 😸

Haha metallic mate made me laugh! Thank you for your advice x

I had stents in 2008 .It made such a difference.I am having problems now with Atrial Fibrillation but nothing to do with the stents.

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Maisieandjess in reply to kkatz

Thank you oh no sorry to hear you are having different problems now I hope you find a treatment that helps x


My husband had an angiogram 7 years ago for diagnostic purposes. They found one artery was 90% blocked. A sent was inserted immediately and it's one heck of a good result. So much so that, after monitoring for couple of years, he no longer has to see a cardiologist. Fully understand your Dad's fear of hospital procedures, I'm one of that club too, but I know that my husband has got his life back. The previous devise for him to contact BHF nurse is spot on. They are so helpful and understanding. All good wishes to your Dad, and to you , of course.

Thank you very much so glad your husband is doing well x

I had an elective stent nearly 4 years ago and last Nov had a heart attack out of the blue - had an angiogram and the stent was completely fine - no need to think there maybe any complications if you follow advice afterwards.

Thank you I hope you are doing well now x

Inserting stents is a routine procedure and most patients are discharged the same day, I would strongly suggest he gets it done as it will save a lot of hassle in the long run, less medication, less risk to his health.

The procedures are carried out under a local anaesthetic and usually take about an hour.

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