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AF meds

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Was wondering what meds are prescribed for AF. Have yet to see my cardiologist but am already taking bisoprolol.

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Beta blockers (end in lol) like Bisoprolol you are on (I’m on Metoprolol) predominately a rate control drug. Cardiologists can prescribe anti arrhythmic drugs like Flecainide or Propafeone, these are contra indicated if you’ve any heart disease. I take Propafeone in addition to Metoprolol. There is amiodarone but that’s in a league of its own for side effects so as I’d understand it they’d have to be good cause to start on that.

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Fifimyangel in reply to HappyJo

Thankyou for your reply. Just have to wait until cardiologist decides what concoction hes going to prescribe . Not wanting to take anything. All poisonous muck with side effects 😡

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HappyJo in reply to Fifimyangel

I wanted to get off all drugs by having a successful ablation and many do. Over the years my cardiologist has managed my objections by a wry smile, agreeing with me and pointing out the obvious. And so now I have a good quality of life, despite two ablations a pacemaker and daily drugs 🤷‍♀️. They’ve never once argued against me when I’ve described symptoms, or side effects (changed drugs) or done anything other than list all my options (including do nothing). I’ve had time to build up a trust relationship and rely on their professional expertise and willingness to work together. I hope that you get a good cardiologist who will listen to you, your treatment goals and help you arrive at a plan.

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Thankyou so much for reply. I will be talking through all my options and see where I go from there. Here's to my future with AF. It's not going to stop me. Take care x

Hi my Bisoprolol was doubled and also put on Rivaroxaban. Following cardioversion back to normal Bisoprolol - good luck

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Fifimyangel in reply to Driver11

Thankyou for your reply.

For AF you will almost certainly be prescribed a blood thinner of some sort, depending on your age. I’m on Rivaroxaban which is one of the new blood thinners, unlike Warfarin you don’t need regular blood tests. Bisoprolol is also regularly prescribed, to slow the heart rate. I was also prescribed Flecainade which regulates the heartbeat but did not take this for long. I’ve now had an ablation which seems to have been successful, but still taking the Bisoprolol for now and will be on blood thinners for life. Good luck!

Thankyou for your reply. Take care

When first diagnosed, the consultant immediately prescribed Apixaban and 2.5 mg Bisoprolol, but the latter reduced my already low heartbeat to below 40, so I'm now on minimum dose of 1.25 mg. Later, the Apixaban was changed to Edoxaban by my GP for purely cost reasons, and I've also been prescribed Ramipril (now on 10mg), and Atorvastatin which started at 80 mg, but has now reduced to 40 mg.

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Thankyou for your reply. What a horrible cocktail of meds your taking. I really hope I dont have to take loads of different tablets. I really do see it as poison to your body. Anyway we shall see. Take care

I was diagnosed with AFIB August last year EF 45% prescribed Bisoprolol 10mg twice daiĺy to slow my heart rate down, Furomeside 40mg for water retention, Eliquis for blood thinners and strokes. and Digoxin 10mg to strengthen heart. Atorvastin for Cholesterol, 11 months later EF back to normal on only 5mg of Bisoprolol still have AF so will have to take tablets for rest of life but I feel okay meds have done there job. Take care

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