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Driving and Artial fibrillation


Morning everybody , quick question , do I have to tell dvla that I have Artial fibrillation ?? Kindest regards

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Only if it effects you driving safely, I didn't notify them but had to when I had a pacemaker fitted.


Thank you


So I only have to tell dvla is I have symptoms that may affect my driving is how I read it , I don’t have symptoms , I had a echocardiogram and 48 hour monitor test following a TIA and it showed a short flutter but I have no symptoms x

Your other problem may also be your insurance 😢

bantam12 in reply to gilreid1

My insurance company weren't interested when I told them.

That’s good news

RufusScamp in reply to bantam12

Probably just as well you told them. Do you have a record? I asked them to put a note on my file.

I will ring back and do that , thanks for the heads up on that one 😉

bantam12 in reply to RufusScamp

I don't know if it's recorded, it's not something they are worried about so I just accepted it.

Thank you


I did look a the DVLA website where they suggest that you do notify them if you didn't there could be a fine of £1000

I would recommend you go on their website and have a look.

Hope this helps

Thank you

Hi, when I was in hospital following a HA and stents I asked the consultant about driving and he said I could continue to drive and didn’t have to notify anyone.

Thank you

I told the DVLA and my insurance company so that if anything happened they couldn't hold it against me at a later date!

Thank you that’s helpful

I’d ask your Gp

Thank you

Phone the DVLA and talk to them, better safe than sorry. They even offered to put a summary of my conversation with them in writing. My understanding is you only need to notify you car insurance provider if its a notifiable condition at the DVLA, talk to them and ask for a record to be put on file.

I think it also depends on the GP or Cardiologist if they tell you that you can not drive until issue is resolved.

Thank you

Quite right.

Thank you I will do that

I phoned DVLA about my AF when I renewed my licence in February. They said that I should report the AF to them and they would contact my GP. I did that and still waiting for my licence. My only AF symptom is occasional breathlessness. Am on Bisoprolol & Apixaban.

Thank you

Link to DVLA


Thank you

As said by others, the DVLA website states that you only need to contact them if your AF/arrhythmia affects your capability to drive your car.

Yes , thank you


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