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Fantastic must read book for us lady hearties.


I am currently reading this fantastic book which came out last year and is written by a cardiologist specialising in female hearts.I would thoroughly recommend.

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Thank-you! Straight to Amazon after reading your post and the book will be here Monday.

Before buying I checked the back of the book image and was even more sold when it mentioned the author runs a microvascular clinic; went into the 'Look Inside' feature and found yet more reasons to give the book a go.

:) :) ♥️ :) :)

080311 in reply to Sunnie2day

Like you straight to Amazon and bought, looks like it could be a useful tool for information.

Yes, she has quite a bit to say about microvascular disease.

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Sunnie2day

Yes Sunnie,

Prof Angela Maas is indeed an expert in caring for people with Microvascular angina.

She is based in the Netherlands.

Sunnie2day in reply to Milkfairy

Oh I was so hoping you'd heard of her and had formed an opinion - super to hear you call her an expert in the field, thank-you!

So many reasons to feel this is a wise purchase and thank lettingoffsteam for the tip about it again! I also have PCOS and looking through the index I saw she has at least one page on that. Monday afternoon I'm blocking out everyone so I can sit down and read this book 'till my eyeballs fall out!

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Sunnie2day

You can watch her recent PCR webinars on Microvascular and Vasospastic angina.

You can sign up to watch the whole series.

Sunnie2day in reply to Milkfairy


Alison_L in reply to Milkfairy

Sunnie won't be able to watch anything if her eyeballs have fallen out :)

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Alison_L

I hope she can get them popped back in their sockets😂

Sunnie2day in reply to Milkfairy

Book here yesterday, read it through and am about to start a re-read, then I'll watch the videos at the link (bookmarked so I could go back).

080311 in reply to Sunnie2day

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, itching to start reading, though some rock salt I ordered from Amazon arrived, keeping my paths clear😩

Sunnie2day in reply to 080311

Amazon is really on form the past week or so - my semi-annual iodised salt order came by noon yesterday along with the book, and this morning my replacement-spare blood pressure monitor arrived at 9am!

080311 in reply to Sunnie2day

That’s early, order WD40, yesterday about 3pm, arrived this morning before lunch! Couldn’t open shed door husband said spray with WD40, said can’t it’s in the shed!

Sunnie2day in reply to 080311

I find that definitely LOL worthy - can't spray the shed door with WD40 as the can is in the shed, I love it (and can so relate, similar happens at our house frequently!).

Wow, that's impressive!

It is, isn't it? I was pleasantly surprised. Amazon has been reasonably reliable but these two latest deliveries have been early.

Not sure early deliveries will happen again anytime soon with this new lockdown but they did well during the last big lockdown - deliveries always when they said they would deliver so absolutely no complaints from Casa Sunnie!

Ha ha love it!😂

Smileyian in reply to Sunnie2day

Haha. Do look after your eyeballs S2D. You will need them for another 30 years or more.

Smileyian in reply to Milkfairy

Milkfairy and Sunnie will it have relevance to Male MVA or only female. Surely our hearts are not that structurally different, but vagus nerve activity and hormones might be.

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Smileyian

Actually the evidence suggests that there is a structural difference between women and men's hearts.

Women's hearts are smaller as well as their blood vessels. Women respond to medication differently, produce lower levels of troponin when they have damage to their hearts.

Women more often have their heart attacks misdiagnosed as panic attacks, less likely to receive treatments such as an angiogram and preventive medication or offered Cardiac rehab.

The BHF started a campaign Bias and Biology last year.

Microvascular angina tends to effect women more while vasospastic angina effects men and women equally.

Microvascular dysfunction is associated with rheumatic diseases and autoimmune disorders which effect women more.

Vasospastic angina is thought to be a disorder of the smooth muscle of the coronary arteries and inner lining of the blood vessels the endothelium which moderates blood pressure and blood clotting.

My personal view is that we all as individuals male or female have our own individual presentation of Microvascular or vasospastic angina which is why it can be such a challenge to treat.

We all need good research into both conditions.

Smileyian in reply to Milkfairy

Super educational post for many of us. I will be discussing your interesting comments with both my E.P. and Cardiac Intervention Consultant in February. You take care and may I wish you a a progressively positive outcome this year.

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Smileyian

Thank you for your best wishes, I need them.

I am struggling at the moment my vasospasms much worse at the moment due to the cold weather admist the gloomy news about how London hospitals are feeling the strain of Covid.

Sorry to hear that Milkfairy...challenging times.

080311 in reply to Milkfairy

So sorry to read your struggling at the moment, cold weather is a nuisance I live in Scotland and cold wind takes my breath away since my op. But nothing like you are going through. Hope you’re feeling much better soon. Up here the days are lengthening at last so counting the weeks to spring. Though we have snow at the moment ! Take really good care Pauline

Smileyian in reply to Milkfairy

Are you able advise what " much worse means " and apx how long an episode might last and its severity ?

Fluffybee in reply to Milkfairy

Hi Milkfairy

I’m so sorry you’re going through such a really bad time, it’s a massive worry for you knowing hospitals are struggling when it’s in your mind that sometimes you need to go there.

I’m learning the cold weather makes a big difference.

Being very knowledgeable and a very caring person to others, doesn’t mean you don’t need lots of TLC yourself, take care and look after yourself 🤗

Yes, I was very interested by this plus disgusted at how women have been treated by doctors ignorant of the differences between men and women.

Thank you for posting this. I have just read the 'look inside' on Amazon and it's very interesting.

lettingoffsteam in reply to TRST

That's OK

Thank you for posting it looks a good read, like Sunnie went to Amazon and ordered it, looks like it could be a great tool for any woman who wants to take care of their heart. Have no daughters but 5 granddaughters, maybe a book for them. Though as one of the reviews said things move on so quickly and the information can be out of date before you know it. But we have to start somewhere. What’s the saying “knowledge is power!”

Totally agree.

MilkfairyHeart Star

Thanks for posting this information 😊

Thanks Milkfairy, hope you are well.

That sounds like a good read, just ordered from Amazon and it will arrive on Monday.

I should be on commission!😂

Thanks for that, I will go and get it too. I have read some of her articles in a Dutch language magazine, that is where I was born, found the very good. The first 1 I read she mentioned symptoms that I had and straight away I thought that is what I have got. There seem to be a few cardiologist in the Netherlands now that specialise in womens heart conditions.

Wow, we need to get some of them working in the UK.😀

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to lettingoffsteam

We do!

My Cardiologist for one!

Ah right, really that's great news.

Just been reading some of the replies, I think Amazon is going to wonder what is going on, so many people ordering the book on the same day 😂 maybe you should get a commission😂😂

Ha ha I wish.😂

Killerblue in reply to 080311


I will also take a look on Amazon, its hard writing a book as I found out. Just had my one and only book published on Amazon. I kept a diary and turned it into a true story, its about the journey I went on while supporting my sister through Throat Cancer.. its funny and emotional. Im actually thinking of doing the same thing about my hubby but its all to raw and emotional for me at the moment...

Just been on Amazon and have ordered it :) read the first few pages and looks very interesting indeed. Thank you for posting this :)

That's OK, I know you'll find it useful.👍

I've been looking at this and been debating about buying it, you have just given me the push I needed thank you

I'm's good.

I ve just ordered one for myself and one for a friend. You should be in commission ! Thanks for the tip

Ha ha amazing sales for this one today.😂

hahahah Im thinking I should send you all the link to my book.... lol and its only 99p lol

Wow, very reasonable then.

thats for the e-book paperback is £4.99

That sounds reasonable too

Thanks for sharing! Ordered mine, but won't be here till May, for some odd reason! I wanted a paperback, I like the tactile experience of reading a real book instead of a Kindle, for some reason. I guess I'm just old-fashioned, or just plain old! LOL! ;O)

This looks amazing. Thank you Lettingoffsteam. Like others, straight to Amazon to purchase a paper copy......old fashioned enough to want to feel the book I am reading and have never become used to swiping left to turn a page - and I love the smell and feel of paper. Sad old dinosaur here!

080311 in reply to francesw47

Me too, when I was in hospital had my kindle for reading my books, but love to hold a proper paper book, like you love the smell and the feel. So here’s another old Dinosaur 😂


I'm glad I am not alone in this! 😉🦕🦖

Yes I agree, books are best...I have so many though.😄

Me, too! I guess that's one of the few downsides to an actual book, the space they take up and the dust they gather after I've read them. I just can't bear to part with them, unless I know they're going to a good "home". Guess it could be worse. 😁📚📚📚📚

I know what you mean

I shall definitely check t ht at out, thank you !! Happy New Year👍😊☃️

You too

Thanks, just ordered it from Amazon too!


Thank you I have just ordered it from Amazon. It looks interesting 👍

Great stuff

Looks like we'll be keeping Mr Amazon busy whizzing around the UK!! What a find - thank you for posting this letting off steam xx

I know...Jeff Bezos is laughing!

Lol!! As soon as I mentioned your post to my husband he'd found it on Amazon and ordered it. Looks like Monday will be a book club day! Thank you so much for sharing because it is such a frustrating condition and it's hard to get people to understand how dibilitating it is.

Yes, an amazing find .It was mentioned in a women's magazine and I just had to have it.😁

thank you I will be ordering today!!

Another sale....doing well.😁

Thank you for the tip.The title reminds me of the beautiful song by Mary Black

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to mauschen

'Only a women's heart'


mauschen in reply to Milkfairy

Yes, it’s a beautiful song

Will it still be useful to a woman with dilated cardiomyopathy do you think??

It's a general look at patterns of female heart disease and doesn't really focus on cardiomyopathy except to mention one case study due to eight pregnancies.Sorry.

Thank you so much for the recommendation. I now have it on audible. An excellent book and one I can relate to having had a difficult time getting a diagnosis.Wishing you a happy New Year and thanks again.

Ah great, enjoy.😁

Book has arrived!! You should be on commission 😂

Ha ha I wish.

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to lettingoffsteam

Lettingoffsteam perhaps we should set up a virtual book club!

I am eagerly waiting for my copy😊

That would be great .I would be very happy with that!👍

I’m on to Amazon right now thanks for posting.

That's OK

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