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cardiologist phone call tomorrow 🥴


I’m hoping I’m going to get my actual cardiologist ringing me tomorrow or a cardiologist I don’t know would be fine, but please not a Dr who just takes notes from me and passed it on to one like the last 2 times please I need answers!!!! MRI results not back yet unless he’s going to tell me something when I talk to him 🧐

Still not had my tooth, now teeth sorted out as my dentist won’t even give me a local anaesthetic with my medical history, only been waiting since March with the abscess, couple of doses of antibiotics to calm it down in between.

Referred to another dentist who was supposed to ring last week but didn’t, I had an actual telephone assessment booked, still no phone call.

I need a heavy old church door, string, granny knot around the teeth and slam the door hard, very tempted 🥺🥺 😩😩😩😩😩😩

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Oh my goodness Fluffybee, still no further forward with the dentist. Thought you would have been sorted by now. Hope your phone call goes really well and you put the phone down and you have at least had some of your questions answered. Make sure you have a walnut whip for after😉Pauline

Fluffybee in reply to 080311

I know tell me about it, it’s got so ridiculous, I’ve now had 3 dentists turn me down to do it 😟 hence string and heavy door.

I’m getting walnut whips in the morning, maybe my cardiologist would like one, I’m sure he’d frown on having such a thing but even he himself must indulge now and again 😇

I’ve got my ever growing list ready for the call, I hate that, waiting for the phone to ring, guarantee to get the call if you need to powder ones nose 🤭🤭

080311 in reply to Fluffybee

Not really a place to answer the phone sitting on the loo. 😂

Fluffybee in reply to 080311

No but it’s happened before 😂😂 AND I’ve also been in the shower when I’ve had a phone call, snatched the phone dripping wet, shampoo in my eyes, and calmly said, hello !!!!! Talked for about 20 mins, so I air dried but still had to rinse my hair 🥴 whatever next !!!!

Would you like a walnut whip ? 🤗 I’ll throw you one 😂😂

080311 in reply to Fluffybee

Not a big lover of walnut whip, my mother adored them along with Turkish Delight! Didn’t like them either, like eating perfume, do like curly whirly though.😂 love the idea of you answering the phone very calmly with shampoo dripping down. If only them on the end of the line could see😂

Fluffybee in reply to 080311

It would be horrific if I’d arranged a FaceTime appointment and forgot, can you imagine 🥴🥴

Oh yes I remember you saying you’re not keen on walnut whips.

Something embarrassing happened to me with a curly Wurly once !!!!!!!

I was eating one, I was soooo tired I’d nodded off, it slowly warmed and flipped over and stuck to my forehead, the toffee stretched as I tried to peel it off, 😳😳

080311 in reply to Fluffybee

You really make me laugh, curly whirly on forehead 😂 was reading something on line about people doing zoom FaceTime meetings and someone forgot they were still logged on and started getting changed! How do you face your colleagues after😂 very red faced!

Fluffybee in reply to 080311

😂😂😂 pleased Ive cheered you up.

Can you imagine being on zoom doing that, you’d NEVER live that one down 😂😂

Handel in reply to Fluffybee

😂😂. You make me smile and have cheered up a dreary morning. So sorry about your tooth/teeth. What on earth are they playing at!? Make sure your cardiologist knows about your tooth pain when he calls. For some reason tooth problems can affect the heart. Just remember my husband having to go to the dentist to get checked out before his bypasses.

Good luck and thinking of you xxx

Ah fluffybee I can identify! I’ve had a few heart doctors (registrars) ring me but not the actual cardiologist which is frustrating as nothing seems joined up at times. Nobody has contacted me following my TOE procedure 2 weeks ago and I don’t know which one of them to follow up with. The heart doctor performing the TOE ( 3rd doctor)just said I would need an operation. Meanwhile my chest feels rotten!I can’t believe your still suffering with that dental problem on top of it all also, the pain of that alone is grim. I do hope that you get at least a satisfactory conversation tomorrow... thinking of you

Fluffybee in reply to Meatless

Thank you so much that’s really kind, it’s so frustrating. I’m sorry you haven’t had any contact with anyone to talk to it must be so worrying.

Are you in a lot of chest pain now ?

My tooth is throbbing and a lovely earache to match 😢

Meatless in reply to Fluffybee

Sorry just seeing your reply now! Yes just the usual ongoing chest discomfort . Let us know how your call goes tomorrow fluffybee and hopefully you get some answers. Goodnight and enjoy your walnut whip girl...

Oh nooooo, I can't believe they haven't just referred you to the dental dept at the hospital 😡

Rediculous, totally unacceptable.

What are they playing at, ggrrrrr

Let's hope the Cardio phone call is more use to you than a chocolate teapot too.

Let me know if you want to do a wellie protest march, I,ll be ready 😜

TC love Ellie flump

MichaelJHHeart Star

Your tooth saga comes over as professional negligence as dental infections can spread to the heart and occasionally even the brain!

Fluffybee in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you, I have been getting more and more concerned, I had heard something about this, considering the medical professionals of all 3 practices should know that !!!!!!

I really hope you can get the dental problems sorted very soon, surely it is doing far more harm just leaving you with that stress, I also wondered which are the appropriate pain killers to take for toothache with the heart condition, are some safer than others ?

Take care, hope the phone call goes well.


Do hope you get some answers today and speak with a REAL LIVE cardiologist too 😉. So sorry about your tooth - as I think someone has mentioned earlier surely leaving it for so long could do more damage especially where the heart is concerned- they should have referred you by now. (Also had a giggle to myself reading your previous answers re answering the phone from the shower and about the curly wurly so thank you for that 🤣 - always good to laugh). All best wishes


Hope the cardiologist can move things along for you and give you some answers. As for the tooth, you don't need that stress and pain on top of everything else you are dealing with. Have courage, ask your questions and just think of the walnut whip you can savour afterwards.... Let us know how you get on.

Hi Fluffybee, good luck today, hope you get all the info you need, it’s so frustrating waiting, and also can’t believe you haven’t had your teeth sorted out 😩❤️, I have everything crossed for you xxx

You crack me up!! 😁 Good luck today 😊 hoping you get some answers and it's a productive call.

Keep us posted xx

Hi I hope the phone call goes well, keep us posted, your dentist trouble fills me with fear, I never realised how difficult it could be to get treatment, I really hope you get to see some one soon, I was just there myself yesterday, scale and polish it had been a while but they have not long opened up, I know how important it is with heart problems, and I am terrified I will need anything done, take care char x

Hope all goes well for you today. I love reading your comments you make me laugh so much 😂😂 xx

morning fluffybee. you must be going round the bend by now. on a lighter note. i was watching something on tv with my young grand daughter in which the little girl had toothache. her dad got a small ball and wrapped tooth floss around it and the same with the guilty tooth. he then threw the ball and out it came. kid didn’t even feel it. the funny part was searching the garden for the treasure for the tooth fairy. true story and maybe worth a try. hope you get some relief soon and that it’s a cardiologist on the other end the phone tomorrow. take care❤️shiona

In spite of the serious problems you have (my sincere sympathies for them) the exchanges here really gave me a good laugh this morning. Thank you all so much, I've been feeling very low because of the appalling shambles at the DVLA who revoked my licence for a year in September last year for a medical condition but it is now15 months and possibly another 2 or 3 before I may be able to drive again ('Due to Covid we are very short staffed.... '). Meanwhile my wife is recovering from a badly bruised pelvis following a fall and therefore also unable to drive and here we are living in a lovely but very remote area, no bus service, very difficult to get delivery slots in the run up to Xmas. Only bonus is some good neighbours. But, 'Always look on the bright side of life .......... . Where's my dark chocolate digestives?

080311 in reply to skyfall123

Now your talking my kind of language Dark Chocolate Digestives, lovely 😂Best wishes Pauline

Fluffybee in reply to skyfall123

Happy it’s cheered you up 🤭🤭

I’m so sorry you’ve had problems with DVLA in the past I’ve had similar things happen because of another medical condition 😳

So frustrating for you for things being held up, I understand no bus route I live in the middle of nowhere.

Pass on my best wishes on to your wife to get better soon, sounds awful.

Um...... dark chocolate biscuits I’m sure are wonderful but earlier I purchased some walnut it whips ready for after my phone call !!!!

skyfall123 in reply to Fluffybee

Good luck for everything, glad you said walnut whipS. Indulge yourself!

Fluffybee in reply to skyfall123


My heart specialist is ringing me on Christmas eve

Oh blimey, I’m sure it will be fine, father Xmas usually turns up trumps, good luck, let us know how you get on 🤞🏻

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