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Post angio discomfort

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Two weeks ago I had an angio and they used my right groin and inserted an angio seal . I was not happy that given the choice I could have asked for it through my wrist . Since then I’ve been in constant discomfort and the pain is now radiating into my hip . I have a part time job as a merchandiser and had to go home early as standing made the discomfort beyond bearable after a period of time . Is this normal or should I phone the hospital where it was done? I don’t want to appear to be a pain but it’s now really getting me down .I still haven’t seen a cardiologist after two months of tests and my mood is plummeting by the day.

6 Replies
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Hello and so sorry you’re in pain still after your angiogram. Am not an expert (mine was through the wrist and after 2.5 weeks it is a tiny bit tender but ok). I honestly think that you should see your Dr or call the hospital where you had it done. I don’t think it sounds right for you to still be in pain ?

All best wishes to you,


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I think you should tell your doctor, it doesn't sound right and is worrying you. Best of luck, and take care x

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I had my angiogram through my groin and a plug fitted. I had no problem but was told to get in touch with the hospital if there was a problem! My cardiologist came to speak to me about the result before I left hospital after having the angiogram.

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Well i went to the hospital today to get checked out, two cardiac nurse specialists missed a haematoma that was thankfully found with one prod by a "fellow" doc who happened to be in the vicinity. They were rather red faced after they had both told me i was "fine" despite my pain.Made me feel like i was a hypochondriac. Thank God the Doc came along when he did .

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Purbecklady

Yes hematomas are very painful.

I know I had one after my first angiogram 8 years ago.

Best practice is that angiograms should be performed through the radial artery at the wrist.

This is a patient safety issue.

My second angiogram for various reasons had to be performed through my groin. The Prof of Cardiology who carried out the procedure came and talked to me first and explained why before I signed my consent form.

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Flowerfanatic in reply to Purbecklady

Thank goodness the other doctor was in the vicinity.... you’ve certainly been through the mill. And so right that your feelings of something being ‘not quite right’ were correct ! Hope you’re resting and taking it easy this weekend.

All the best to you


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