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Post Stent Chest Discomfort

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Hi There

I am a 50 year old male who has recently had 2 stents in my LAD artery due to a 99% critical blockage...During the procedure I also lost a diagonal artery from the LAD...

I was physically fit prior to my procedure and have a healthy lifestyle...

It has now been 10 days since my procedure and I am experiencing central chest discomfort when going for 10 to 15 minute walks...

Looking for some feedback from anyone who has experienced similar symptoms post procedure.

Really what I'm trying to say is this normal and will it hopefully get better over time



13 Replies
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Hi. I only had 1 stent, in my LAD which was also 99% blocked after a HA. I'm 10 weeks on and still get pain. I think from reading other experiences this is normal for many but if you're worried seek help.

I've got used to the different pains but you're still in the early stages so speak to your GP or cardiac rehab. Worrying will make your pain worse.

Medication can also cause pain and you may need a review

All the best

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I had two stents six weeks ago and no one prepared me for the angina pain after procedure. Like you, I was disappointed and confused. I researched through this site and was pleased to see that I wasn’t alone. It seems to be quite normal. I had my follow up appointment with my cardiologist and I told him and he didn’t seem too worried. However during the angiogram he observed Coronary Artery Spasms and so I am on new medication which is a lot better. Pain greatly reduced. Good luck and if it goes on for too long go and see your specialist.

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Im 46 and had 2 stents fitted 6 weeks ago today , and early on while doing exercise like you I was getting chest discomfort across my chest ( still do when I do to much) . I have since found out it’s quite normal ( after calling out paramedics once and knocking myself out after 2 puffs of my gtn and spending the night in hospital being checked the 2nd time )

But it is quite scarey and if you are that worried ( like I was ) don’t hesitate to call 999 as they were fantastic with me


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Fellow 99%-er here!

The stent will probably cause discomfort for a couple of weeks - mileage may vary. Mine did, anyway. Remember, it's a foreign body that your body needs to get used to. Until then, it can be uncomfortable while it "settles".

It's quite soon after for you, so you haven't gone on the rehab yet, but you'll learn a lot during the sessions, so I recommend you go. One of the tips the nurses gave me was that if you have chest pain, press directly on the area with your finger. If it hurts when you do that, it's not your heart, it's probably an intercostal muscle or something.

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I am a year out following 2 stents LAD & LCX. I had similar pains post op but more often between my shoulder blades. No pain pre stents. I had 90% LAD. At 1 month post op I had a repeat stress test, 24 hour monitor, meds adjusted and saw a GI consultant privately none of which made any significant difference or diagnosis. In retrospect In my case I put it down to my heart adjusting to the stents. It took 6 months for 90% of the discomfort to gradually resolve and still have an occasional wobbly day. A regular walking schedule in the early days helped a lot and still find a slow start and a brisk walk settles things down. Initially I would take a puff of NTG spray before walking and carry it with me although may have used it twice in the past 6 months.

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Whilst 9 years older, I also was fit and physically active before HA and 2 stents in the LAD.

Yes I also had intermittent chest pain and discomfort and not having been warned about this was concerned and scanned this group for similar issues and was relieved to find it not uncommon, or dare I say the norm that you will feel some pain or discomfort post angioplasty.

At 10 days I spoke to my GP who wasn't sure if it was okay and referred me back to hospital for tests. 2 ECGs and blood tests, together with a CT scan, I had some pain between the shoulder blades and they checked for a separated Aorta, all good, I was discharged. I had a greater degree of comfort that having been advised stents correctly positioned and heart operation effective, and that some discomfort was not uncommon I returned home.

Whilst I have had 3 calls with the cardiac rehab team I don't think this is any substitute for face to face reviews.

You're probably in the same position as I am.but if in any doubt speak to the medics and get checked out.

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I had two stents after a mild heart attack in May. I had the same chest discomfort after the procedure but this does gradually ease.

I did have some heart related pain afterwards but that turned out to be caused by the betablocker, Bisoprolol which was lowering my heart rate too much and depriving it of blood and oxygen.

I had to be careful initially when it came to avoiding lifting and twisting, just mowing the lawn was causing discomfort in the chest area. I guess this was because my body was still getting used to having two metal stents implanted and perhaps this can cause some internal bruising for a while. I’m now some 10 weeks on and most of the discomfort and pain has gone and I’m feeling nearly normal again and back to playing tennis etc. All be it not so intensely!

It’s still early days for you but things should calm down in a few more weeks and the discomfort should subside,

If not speak to your GP or Cardio support nurse. If you experience any intense pain, don’t mess about and call 999 immediately!

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I’m 66 and had four stents about five months ago. (Massive HA). I’ve had very little discomfort but followed the advice closely as to building up fitness. So, 1st week do nothing, 2nd week very light duties and so on.

It took me four months to build up to closing my Apple Watch activity rings every day but I’ve now done so for four weeks on the trot. My steps are now 11,000 or more each day.

Hopefully everything is healthy with your heart and you’re just being a bit impatient, as we all are.

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I had an emergency LAD stent 5 years and have never experienced any chest pain since cardiac arrest. See your Cardiologist asap. Like yourself I'm healthy and very active in sport, so a check up would diagnose your issue.

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Hi, I had an emergency 100% LAD stent 2 years ago, very healthy and fit 64, and never experienced any chest pain. However, I was very aware of what I'd had done and certainly took it easy for several days afterwards and it was at the forefront of virtually every tiny movement I made. But after 2 yeas, I don't give it a second thought and I really hope yours settles down and becomes pain free too.

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Stents take time to settle..... Also get your lipoprotein a checked ...,.50 years old is young for stents.....unless overweight or smoking.....or other pre-existing conditions...... lipoprotein a should be about 30.....mines 240...... can't be lowered......3 stents , 3 way bypass, and carotid artery cleaned out ......I'm 60 years old..... Hope you feel better 😷

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Hi Guys

Really appreciate all the feedback and support....

I contacted my GP and they sent me back up to hospital on Friday.. I was kept in overnight as my Troponin levels in my blood were elevated... they also carried out a couple if ECGs that were fine....

Got out on Saturday afternoon and they have increased my omeprazole as I was belching alot which they thought may be due to indigestion from some of my other meds..which could be contributing to my chest discomfort!!!

Not convinced however back home now and will see how it goes...just need to try and stay positive.

Thanks again


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Hi Mark

I don’t know if you’re still active on here but I’d like to know how you’re getting on.

I have a very similar story to you, age, fit and otherwise healthy. I had a critical lesion (99% blockage) of lad artery. It’s been 3 weeks since I had 1 stent and I’m still experiencing daily chest/back pain. Not severe but similar to before the procedure and it goes away if I take the spray. I’ve been taking it easy but now averaging about 6k steps a day

My gp is phoning me today. I’m hoping the pain will settle and I can get back to work.

I hope you see this and update on how things turned out for you. Hope you’re well.


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