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Angina that improves with exercise!


First Timer here!

Background info: Heart Attack in 2001. Rotablation and 2 stents 2018.

I had mild and manageable angina before and after each event. This angina appears at the start of any exercise ie walking but quickly dissapears after a few minutes without the need to stop & rest. This is particularly noticeable after a meal. The question is does anyone else suffer anything similar and of course should I be concerned?.

Many Thanks.


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MilkfairyHeart Star

Hi dazzer1

This is known as ' Walk through angina'

I would suggest if the pattern of your angina has changed that you discuss this with you GP

dazzer1 in reply to Milkfairy

Many Thanks. Nothing has changed just rather frustrating. I will look into this. Thanks again.


I’ve only been on here a few days and do have angina but different to yours.

If it’s any help to you a cardiac nurse told me when I do any exercise to start off slowly and gradually build up.

Have you tried anything like that?

Welcome to the group 😃

dazzer1 in reply to Fluffybee

Thank you for your advice. I am careful to warm up ie begin my walk slowly but it's always at the beginning I get the angina which after a couple of minutes it gets better!. Thanks again.

Yes I did . In my case female then aged 75 when it started. I used to play through chest pain at tennis. After the first set it went away. All tests came back negative. I was told it was muscular....for two years. Then one night I had an unusual pain and thought I had better go to A&E . I had a mild heart attack and was given all test s only to discover I needed a triple bypass immediately. I hope this doesn’t alarm you but do get yourself checked over 6 months on I started tennis last week and felt terrific. My condition was hereditary but I have learned from my situation :

1, Don’t be fobbed off with wrong diagnoses

2. Plain ECG ‘s can give false negative reading - I never even had an active one

3. People who have a strong family history of heart disease should be automatically offered an angiogram - or anyone with persistent chest pains.

Take care

dazzer1 in reply to Pollypuss

Thank you so much for your response and a lot for me to think about for sure. I have had this for many years and it hasn't got any worse. Just spoken to GP who wants me to try spray. Not keen to be referred to Cardiologist at this stage as I would foresee a series of non conclusive tests which would end in yet another angiogram and I already know I have confirmed heart disease. Many Thanks

Yep, I’m exactly the same....I’ve been made to feel like a right idiot when I tell cardiologist’s this. Their view its’s impossible ... strangely though the cardiac nurses at rehab had heard it many times, In fact, when I explained that my chest pain eased with intense exercise the nurse said ‘ oh your one of those are you’

No your not “just one of those” you are an individual with chest pains .

I was disabled for about five years, but, after they fitted my second pacemaker, I could walk... but, two days running I got chest pains after walking 200m.

I got checked out in the rapid access chest pain clinic, - and I now walk 40klm a week. I am 71.

Have you thought about a Kardia or Apple Watch - to let you take an ECG while you have symptoms?

dazzer1 in reply to S11m

Thank You for your information. I hadn't thought of a watch but I will take a look.

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