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Atrial defibrillation


My resting heart rate is normally around 75-90 and can go up to 120 when I am doing walking/ gardening/walking. I think I overdo it at times and then find my heart rate very rapidly starts fluttering and can go up to 140+ even when doing light tasks. Usually this will go back down to around 110 after ten minute rest. When this happens do I just need to rest up for a couple of days then start again trying not to overdo it. Xc

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Have you been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation?Have a chat with your GP about this.I was getting this but now take propanolol which slows my heart down.

Thanks. I have been diagnosed but find every couple of weeks seem to get this faster heart beat. Wondered if I am just doing too much

Have not had rehab due to the lockdown so not sure how much I should be doing. Will ask cardio nurse. Thanks. Xx

I've not been told officially but my 5 day ECG showed some atrial arrhythmia which my GP said could be afib.Have a phone consult with the consultant on Thursday so will ask.Have you tried the afib page on this site?Good support there.Do you take anything for your afib?

Yes I do. I am on 5mg each of bisoprolol and lisinoprol plus diuretic bumetanide. I was on other meds but due to debilitating nausea had to stop them.

I also suffer from a kind of heartburn that causes me to burp at times continually. The meds for that also caused me nausea. Xx

Yes diagnosed with AF but keep getting this fast rate and it never seems to get back into a regular rhythm.

It's uncomfortable isn't it!Luckily propanolol slows it right down...too much sometimes though, but never mind.

Hi I have AF I have been put on to Bisoprolol twice a day and two blood thinners to prevent clots this helps keep my heart rate down. It may be you need to talk to your cardiologist. Ido however have other heart conditions and medications.

Mhutch in reply to 64AF

I had a spell of a-fib three years ago including one occasion in the cath lab. My heart rate would climb up to 200 beats/minute. Sorted after a six month course of Amioderone,

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