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Choosing a defibrillator


Hi, I’m a 24 year old female and I have just been diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy after collapsing during a run. Does anyone have any tips on how to chose between the two types of defibrillators and what life is like living with one? I like sports such as snowboarding, sailing, climbing and cycling. Does anyone have any experience with doing these exercises with a ICD? Thanks for your help.

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Hi I've got s icd latest one n dont even know I've got it lol with mine theres no wires through veins

Harry2002 in reply to Wodney1966

I got an ICD fitted in November after being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in September and then suffering a heart attack and I am now back to living life pretty much as normal. Still on medication but feeling much better and happy with the ICD and safe.

Wodney1966 in reply to Harry2002

L👍👍👍👍very gd keep it up

Hi, I had a ICD fitted in November after suffering a heart attack, I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in September and it's been great, I feel pretty good, felt abit weird at first but after a few weeks you forget it's there. I feel happy and safe knowing its there. I would not rule it out if you want to be active I do not do the things you do, I swim and cycle and do alot of country and coastal walks. I have been out walking for 4 hrs today and feel great. Hope this helps.

What choices are you being given? My husband wasn't given a choice, he was just fitted with the one that was suitable for him

I might have the choice between ICD and S-ICD

I think the ICD is fitted in the shoulder and the S-ICD is fitted near the waist. The only issue I can think of is the S-ICD may be knocked during your active lifestyle.

Wodney1966 in reply to Ogilvie

My s icd is just under my armpit on left

I there, I had an ICD fitted last March. Mine is just below the collar bone. Took some getting used to but can twist and stretch pretty much as far as I want without any real hindrance or discomfort.

I have had an ICD for twenty years now and have done most of the sports you mentioned. These include swimming,cycling, skiing, and most of all sailing. The only sports they do not recommend is contact sports because of the wires. I have been on many Neilson holidays but winter and summer and never had a problem. It took about a year to get the ICD setting right but that was because I suffered from atrial fibrillation. Remember that you need time for your body to recover it is a big change in your life.

Turtle_Salmon in reply to Drizzt

Thank you for the response. It’s really positive to hear that you have been able to continue all those sporting activities!

Hi there I was given the choice of both too. I'm 36 my cardiologist recommended is S-ICD due to still being quite young as the added benefit is your heart is not touched during surgery. There is information on the Boston scientific website and some videos. As someone mentioned you do get put too sleep to have it fitted. Mine is fitted under my left armpit and it's hardly noticeable. Good luck with what ever option you decide is best for you. I have also have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy S-ICD was fitted in November.

I have read that the S-ICD doesn't do standard pacing like the T-ICD, and it seems like it would be in the way, especially when wearing a bra. I have a T-ICD, and after healing, I often forget it's implanted in my chest. It would also depend on what type of arrhythmias you have, as they differ somewhat in detection and treatment of said arrhythmias. Just speaking from experience, I am no doctor, so probably best to discuss all with them. Best of health and please keep us updated!

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