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Q&A with BHF nurses


Hi all,

Thanks for all your questions, you can view the answers from our cardiac nurses in our video here: bit.ly/3aW3nR8

We hope you’ve found this helpful, we’re always looking for feedback so please let us know by emailing heartvoices@bhf.org.uk or commenting below.

Any questions that haven't been answered in the video, will be answered by our cardiac nurses within the community next week.


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Thanks Helen, even though I haven't asked any questions yet it is good to know that I can. Thought it was a really useful q and a. Regards Sheena x


Not sure this is the right place to ask this but I am concerned about palpatations, sweating, shortness of breath and pain when trying to make a fist. I was told I have LBBB but usually the palpatations aren’t this noticeable and the nausea is brief.

I have had weeks now of extreme sweating at night, dreadful nausea, strong palpitations that last for a few hours. Used to be 5-10mins. My breathing is laboured and I get breathless just from getting dressed. My fingers feel 10 times bigger than normal (despite that not being the case) and I struggle to make a fist. My shoulders and next also hurt (past 6 weeks).

I am not one to be dramatic but am a bit concerned so looking for advice really.

I am a 49yr old female


in reply to Lenny1970

Hi Lenny1970,

I'm sorry you're being troubled with these symptoms. It really would be a good idea to speak to your GP who could arrange further tests for you. This is most likely to be with a phone call or virtual appointment at the moment, but is still important to see what is going on. It would be better to find out what is going on by getting medical advice from someone who knows you.

As for your other symptoms, I would suggest calling 999 for an ambulance if you have breathlessness, palpitations, pains or nausea , as well as the swollen fingers. A paramedic first responder would be able to assess you and do an ECG, which although may show LBBB, will still be able to determine your heart rate and whether it's regular, as this could be the cause of your feeling unwell.

In the current climate people are scared to go to A&E because of Covid- 19, but it's really important to get yourself checked out as any issues can be sorted out sooner rather than later.

If you want to chat to one of the cardiac nurses on the heart helpline, there's someone to talk to every day from 9-7 Monday- Friday and 10-4 at the weekend. The number's 0300-330-3311.

I hope you feel better soon.

Take Care,


Can't find anything ( in comments) that deal with my issue. I'm a 59yo woman with COPD and I stopped HRT a few months ago. Last night and this morning I had a strange pulsing in the heart area - not in agony but feels strange. Sweated thro the night requiring me to change my bed clothes twice and sheets once. I immediately calmed myself down to feel what ever it is as I've never had this sensation before. Now taking it easy by resting but the feeling is still there on exertion. Using my inhalers and following my GPs advice on COPD but this feels different. Btw I lost my little sister to mitral valve prolapse in 2017. Her condition was sudden and unexpected as we assumed she had lung damage only. My father had stents put in and lived to 71 but my sister died at 51yo. Don't want to rush to A&E over this - did once before when it was just a bad cough, swollen ankles and indigestion.

Hi Helen, yesterday the prime minister relaxed some of the lockdown measures. Do we know if there are changes for people shielding? Thank you regards

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