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Symptoms of Myopericarditis


Hi, does anyone know if the symptoms of Myopericarditis (i.e. shortness of breath) can be present even if the inflammation is gone? Trying to work out if my symptoms are because I still have inflammation or because my body is just tired and needs strengthening again.

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Hi I had an attach 2 months ago and it took me that long to feel better ...shortness of breath usually goes away in one month fir me but I need 6 months to feel normal again

Ah great, thank you! Did you find light exercise helped in making you feel stronger and better?

Definitely me I’m not a yoga person but it helps and I’m on a special diet for inflammation. Wahls protocol. It helps !

Perfect, I’ll definitely get on that and start eating better, thanks so much for your help!

Hi! Totally yes. I had myopericarditis last June, and while the inflammation went away in a week, I had all the symptoms for 8 months!!

The doctors didn’t know why I kept having pressure in the chest, shortness of breath, etc. Until I was recommended to start cardiac rehab (but not the one you have after a heart attack, a bit more tailored by a personal trainer) and I slowly got back on my feet.

It can be super frustrating, as no one really knows why these horrible symptoms persist (maybe as you said, body is “tired”, muscles and nerves round the heart got a bit delicate, etc). But don’t worry, because if you rest properly, take care of your diet, watch out you don’t exceed yourself physically, and find good professionals you can come out the other side. Best of luck!!

Kieramartin in reply to Cookie95

Ah thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that this is a thing and that it gets better! Is cardiac rehab just exercise or does it have other things involved? I know my gym can help with that but I was just wondering if it has other factors that a gym can’t provide

Cookie95 in reply to Kieramartin

It’s very mild exercise at the beginning (then it gets tougher progressively) while they control your heart rate and effort parameters. I did it with a physiotherapist, but I guess a gym personal trainer can help too, make sure you ask the cardiologist first tho :)

Kieramartin in reply to Cookie95

Ah ok perfect, I’ll be sure to ask next at my next appointment, thank you so much!

Hi. I had pericarditis in January. Cleared up after 6 to 7 weeks. Gave me colchicine to take twice daily for 3 months. I only had the Inflamation though so can't can't comment on the other. Any questions please get in touch

I was diagnosed with myocarditis last year. I was taking colchicine for 3 months for the inflammation. The last couple of months in recovery I was getting out of breath and chest pain on the left side. My cardiologist thought I was having another flare up. My recent CMR scan shows I’ve had a transmural infarction. I’m unsure if the myocarditis has contributed to this and waiting to speak to my GP about it. Best Wishes 😊

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