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My heart attack was 4 weeks ago. I am feeling a lot better but still worry about the gorier. Sometimes I think I may imagine things. For example when I go for a walk I do not get out of breath but occasionally think my chest feels tight. It goes away away when I try to tho k about something else. Has anyone else experienced this.

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Hi Sopi,

Pretty well everyone who's survived a heart attack has experienced that.

The good news us it DOES ease up a lot over time but it's always there.

Welcome to the club you can't buy membership of :)


I’ll second that

Can you please tell me whether some heart medication can cause wind. Hope u r keeping well in this lockdown. Thanks.

Yes. The usual suspects are the aspirin and clopidogrel (or similar) because they can both be pretty hard on your stomach.


That’s my experience as well. been 6 weeks for me and last 2/3 weeks have been much better but I still spend a few minutes each day, at various times, thinking about it or worrying about a niggle or slight pain in and around the chest area.

I guess that old phrase “time is a good healer” is very apt.

healer both physically and mentally.

i look to my dad who had a HA at 56. hes now 72 and is fitter than many 20 years his junior. he spends 4/5 hours a day gardening and doing some real physical work. (digging up trees / laying a patio!) plenty of stuff i’d struggle to do even before my HA :)

he shows that you can recover and go onto to lead a normal life, free from pain and discomfort and worry.

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Sopi in reply to russino1

Thanks for your comments. Sounds as if like me you have a family history.

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russino1 in reply to Sopi

yes. hereditary. Im now 45 and was having semi regular cholesterol checks (past 12 years or so) and readings were slightly higher than normal,but the DR said my chances of a HA were always coming out as “less than 10% chance” as such they didn’t feel need to take any further action!

my diet was ok. i enjoyed a beer but not really any more than any mates and most other people would have. I was over weight. not massively, but the 36” waist trousers were getting tighter :) i’ve been active most of my life and was running again for a few months before the HA.

It was a massive shock to have had the HA! that’s for sure.

physically i now feel good (although i know i need to take it easy as i’m not fit enough to do much of what i could do a few months ago) but mentally it’s been tough. Although everyday that seems to improve (ive have the odd night where I have a mini panic and worry that something is happening! but i give myself a talking too ! :) )

slow and steady wins the race and as i said. time is a great healer.

all the best

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Outforawalk in reply to russino1

Almost exactly the same for me, I am 42 and it’s been 5 weeks. Had 4 stents in a lower marginal artery. No family history though so HA was a bolt from the blue.

Have been feeling generally pretty well, sometimes too well and overdo it a bit and last couple of days have had niggles and pains that worry me but it seems to be part of the process.

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Yasyass in reply to russino1

I’m so happy your dad doin so well but I am wondering does a severely damage heart make things limited or can I carrry on like your father I have tried asking but no one has given me an answer and after three years of ha tell me I have hf stage one so I’m wondering sometimes people have different kinds of heart attack thank you

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russino1 in reply to Yasyass

Sorry, but I cannot answer that. i’m no expert and my experiences are from m dad. he had stents fitted.

I would assume (my guess) that it’s all relative and recovery and future activity levels will based on heart condition and on what level of rehab you’ve managed to do.

rehab is vital and unless a patient does this, they’ll never reach their own potential.

can you not call a cardio rehab team at your local hospital. they’d be a great place to start for any answers you maybe looking for.

all the best

Well,its kind of good timing in a way and Imust write it as it helps me also, Iam over 10 months past a mild HA and one stent and other than dealing with medication life I think us better,I do a 5K run ever saturday,slow but no issues not out of breath or pain. you thi k your loved all the psychological aspects of it, then last night, 2.30am I woke, a bit hot and that was it my anxiety stepped in, heart rate went up 50% I think I could feel a discomfort in my chest, I woke my wife and said get ready to call an ambulance, I was trying to calm myself, breathing excersise, tried GTN spray for the first time since the HA, no change, then my wife talked me down, your lt I severe, pain no, you can talk fine, yes, BP I checked was good, so a few mi utes relax and gone, back to sleep,woke feeling great.I kind of wanted (although scared of the virus, to go the hospital to make sure I had no Troponin levels, ecg check etc etc, but I didnt I was fine but so real at the time and maybe it could have been a real issue it some time you have to talk your way through, " last checks said your good, in fact very good,BP good with no pills to help, ECGs all good, stress test good ecchogram good, slow your heart rate buy talking in your mind it down"and as scary as it sounds, if it's going to be real problem or HA as my cardiologist said, you will know it" As such it takes time and sometimes feelings are so real but talk them through. We have to be careful in case but most are the power of our mind!! take care, you will get there and through it.

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Sopi in reply to Phil_London


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Phil_London in reply to Sopi

Sorry, I should proof read before I press send, I was rushing,I hope it made sense

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