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Medication Effects I Wonder



Just wondering where we would be without our Medication ???

What prompted this was it's my BP day and today BP is 111/69 with a heart rate of 65 That's with my Entresto and 7.5mg Bisoprolol. so I was wondering where it would be without the Meds !!!

I would not thinki of stopping them without medical supervision, but anyone done it and what was the results

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Good morning Frank.

As you know my husband had a massive heart attack resulting in cardiac arrest 22 years ago. Unfortunately, due to the extent of damage any surgical intervention was not an option so its his meds that have not only kept him alive but have given him a quality of life.

However, those 22 years have not been an easy ride, our lifes aims, careers etc even the choice of property we live in have all been determined by of his heart condition. He would never consider coming off any meds without first discussing it in complete detail with his medical team.

Entresto & bisoprolol are good meds to be on as you know from your own experience, not everyone can tolerate them but I've heard amazing feedback from those who can. Kevin has an echo this month to determine if he can go on Entresto!

I'm on lowest dose Bisoprolol (1.25mg once a day) plus a 300mg aspirin tablet. I've already been told I'll be taking this for the rest of my life and I'm A-OK with that - I've had heart problems nearly all of my life but only last year (April 2019) went on the beta blocker whilst in the midst of an acute flare of my recurrent pericarditis. I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life despite the acute flare (getting better but it's long and winding road this recovery lark!).

Stop taking it? Oh no no no no no!

Morning Prada,I think most of us would be dead without medical intervention! That would please the government cutting down on pensions.A friend has a scenario that once you reach 75 and are offered a special flu jab it`s actually a secret form of euthanasia.Won`t be having one just in case!!!

Ha ha, like the idea of euthanasia by flu jab.

We may have a new form of euthanasia here - I live a couple of miles away from Arrowe Park Hospital, where the UK nationals that have been brought back from China are in quarantine. It seems that one of them has been threatening to abscond, and the government has just realised that it doesn't have the powers to prevent them doing so, hence the Department of Health has described the coronavirus as a "serious and imminent threat" to public health, which therefore gives them the power to enforce quarantine.

Really? I think it's shocking that someone who could possibly have coronavirus would even think of leaving the hospital!! 😱

I was expecting this to happen - these people before they got on the flight from China signed a form agreeing to go into quarantine for 14 days, but it wasn't something that was legally enforceable, hence the DoH describing it as "serious and imminent threat" today provides the power to enforce quarantine.

I also find it rather strange that some of these people have left their Chinese spouses in China while they came back to the UK - I'm struggling to see someone could do that, seems a bit self-centred, so I imagine threatening to abscond is just an extension of the same behaviour!

I have a friend currently in Singapore who's been staying at one of the hotels that had a confirmed case, needless to say we'll wait at least 2 weeks before we see him when he returns!!

Bet the news papers will have banner headlines re"serious and imminent threat" and frighten half the population to death hence no need for flu jabs!

How are you Prada?Sorry I was a bit flippant( as usual) re coronavirus.Of course it`s extremely worrying and I`m sure we do all worry as to the spread and outcome.I can`t believe the selfishness and total lack of concern for others of that person.Let`s hope he`s in a very small minority.Have a good day.xx

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